25 Blissful Dining Table Décor Ideas For Spring

Are You Ready For Spring? Start at the dining table.

When we decorate the home, the dining table is one of the main elements that need to be transformed.

25 Blissful Dining Table Decor Ideas For Spring #decorhomeoriginal

It is the place that gathers the whole family, relatives and friends, and it is also the place where you should unequivocally introduce the mood of the emerging new life in spring.

With this gallery of 25 magical spring dining table decor ideas, you’ll be able to fully transform your tablescape for the upcoming season.

Here you will find attractive, bold, gentle, charming and cozy spring dining table decorating ideas that are sure to help find your desired decor.

1. Spring Greens On The Dining Table

spring greens on the dining table #decorhomeoriginal

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In the spring season, it is mostly flooded with greenery.

Therefore, you will not go wrong if you bet on more greenery on the table.

Choose spring flowers with small flowerets that are not too bright.

Thus, the green part of the plants will stand out more.

For the background, choose a white tablecloth, white napkins and white porcelain for the dinner service.

All this will make your decor clean, stylish and elegant.

To add romance, add tall, slender candlesticks to complement the sophisticated style of your spring decor.

2. Are You Ready For Spring?

spring dining table decor ideas 2 #decorhomeoriginal

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If you’re not ready for spring yet, clear the dining table and start with the tablecloth.

Choose a pattern in green, yellow, pink and white, these are some of the most common colors in spring.

Above the tablecloth, arrange several small centerpieces made from sprigs of green shrubs.

On top of them place white porcelain bunnies that represent the Easter holidays. In the center of the table, place a large white porcelain vase with a lush bouquet of fresh spring flowers.

Try to find porcelain plates with spring patterns.

Tie the napkins with porcelain rings and place delicate tulip stems in them. This little finishing touch adds glamor and an extra spring focus.

3. Abundance Of Flowers

spring dining table decor ideas 3 #decorhomeoriginal

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When it comes to springtime dining table decor, don’t hesitate to place lots of bouquets of flowers.

Their colorful character gives out vitality, joy and freshness.

Place several vases, even if they are not the same shape and size.

Fill the rest of the space with the cutlery and cloth napkins. This will add more texture to the table.

The more colorful the napkins, the more they will complement the flowers.

And if your dining table décor includes a bench too, add a warm blanket and comfortable pillows, though you can do it on a chair too.

This way you will create a cozy spring look in the entire room.

4. Green Gold Spring Style

spring dining table decor ideas 4 #decorhomeoriginal

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The focal point of this dining table is the voluminous vase filled with yellow spring flowers.

But pay attention to the background as well.

The plaid pattern of the tablecloth in a beige tone contrasts with the dark green place mats, which creates contrast and depth.

The porcelain plates are engraved with patterns, which is an interesting touch to the style.

The gold cutlery stands out against the green tablecloths and complements the yellow flowers in the center of the table with their shine.

Although there is only one vase of flowers, it is enough to evoke the spring mood.

5. Spring White Tenderness

spring dining table decor ideas 5 #decorhomeoriginal

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The color white is gentle, calm, captivating.

And spring, with its freshness, fits perfectly against a white background.

If white prevails in your decor, spring will complement the gentle notes with its surge of fresh energy.

A large white porcelain vase filled with the elegant colors of tulips will make the decor even more elegant.

Yet this is not enough. Make sure each plate has its own cloth napkin and tie them in the shape of a rabbit head with ears.

From there you can also place one egg in the center to symbolize Easter.

6. Abundance Of Flowers On The Dining Table

Eeplosion of flowers on the dining table #decorhomeoriginal

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The majestic bouquet of spring flowers on the dining table is the main focus in this remarkable spring dining table decor.

Lush colors fill the space, and their fragrance evokes a gentle enchantment.

Complete with knitted place mats, white cloth napkins and embossed glasses.

Choose a tablecloth that does not completely cover the table, this is to let the wooden element of the table complement the decor with a natural touch.

7. Blue Spring Magic

spring dining table decor ideas 7 #decorhomeoriginal

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The color blue brings a sense of purity, freshness and perfection of detail.

In this classy spring decor, blue dominates, but it is placed in combination with a green tablecloth.

This gives contrast to the whole look. The wooden table softens the details and is in harmony with the textural decorations like the glass vase and small candlesticks.

The two blue patterned porcelain candlesticks complement the blue glasses and complement the sheer curtains on the windows.

Place white tulips in the vase in the center of the dining table to highlight the spring decor.

8. Fresh Spring Flowers On The Dining Table

fresh spring flowers on the dining table #decorhomeoriginal

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When spring comes we see how everything living blooms and comes to life.

Fresh spring flowers can be placed on the dining table.

Place pots and boxes of live daffodils and tulips scattered throughout the table.

Their fragrance will certainly be far more pleasant than that of plucked flowers.

Use a cover of one color in a pale tonality so that the flowers stand out against its background.

Complete with woven placemats for added texture.

9. Spring Dining Table Decor Idea In Pink Touches

spring dining table decor idea in pink touches #decorhomeoriginal

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The color pink with its soft femininity and coziness fits perfectly when we are talking about spring dining table decor.

Use pink and white tulips to fill three large white vases and spread those vases equally apart on the dining table.

Fill large cups with pink papers and place them on each plate, they serve as a textural décor.

It is also preferable that you find some porcelain plates with a matching pattern to complete the spring look.

10. Let Us Welcome His Majesty The Hyacinth

spring dining table decor ideas 10 #decorhomeoriginal

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Hyacinth is one of the first spring flowers and it is also one of the most iconic ones.

Placed on the dining table in this solemn royal purple, this flower transforms the entire decor into a new light.

You must have noticed that the fragrance of this flower fills not only the dining room, but also the whole home.

Welcome spring by bringing hyacinths into your home.

If you also manage to decorate the chairs with spring damask, you will completely transform your home.

11. Gentle Cottony Spring Softness

spring dining table decor ideas 11 #decorhomeoriginal

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The pale pink colors of some trees in spring are so tender, romantic and captivating.

Their combination with blue details will make your dining table amazingly attractive and charming.

Look for pink blossom trees and create a cottony softness on your dining table for the welcoming of spring and the holidays that come with it.

12. Pink Touches

spring dining table decor ideas 12 #decorhomeoriginal

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In addition to the lush bouquet in pink, this dining table is complemented by pink touches in the additional elements.

These are the napkins under the cutlery and the pink cookies on each of the plates.

In contrast to the blue elements in the patterns of the plates and glass cups, we can also see a spring freshness and a gentle charm.

Lace vases perfectly create the euphoria in the details.

Complete with lace placemats and voila – your spring dining table decor is finished perfectly.

13. Rattan Spring On The Dining Table

rattan spring on the dining table #decorhomeoriginal

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Rattan furniture is usually furniture for outdoor use.

Therefore, when we see rattan furniture, it is associated with our experiences outside, reminding us of the beauty of the warm seasons.

The combination of rattan furniture and spring flowers in the vase on the dining table means the rebirth of spring with all its freshness, fragrance and charm.

On the elegant wooden table, place a linen tablecloth, knitted placemats, a porcelain vase with a lush bouquet of spring flowers and numerous small candle holders.

This romance is eye-catching, and slender candlesticks complement the elegance of the setting, while also adding some texture to the decor.

14. Elegance In Every Detail

spring dining table decor ideas 14 #decorhomeoriginal

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Usually spring is associated with bright colors, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your black and white house for the season.

You can retain the modern minimalism of your home while also embracing the beauty of nature.

Place white flowers with lots of greenery in a black porcelain or clay vase.

Set the vase on a wicker board along with some wooden candlesticks and white china.

If you are working with a wooden dinner table make sure not to cover it completely with a tablecloth. Instead place small tablecloths only under the dishes and let the wood complement the décor.

15. Clear Glass Glitter

spring dining table decor ideas 15 #decorhomeoriginal

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The glass, with its transparency, gives irreplaceable freshness .

Choose colored glass plates and cups. Place some blooming sprigs in a clear glass vase or pitcher.

Place it all on an uncovered dining table.

Add some texture by tying cloth napkins for each member of the family.

And there you have it, a beautiful spring dining table décor.

16. Bet On Green

spring dining table decor ideas 16 #decorhomeoriginal

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When we see green most of the time we think of spring, nature, etc.

You should always try to opt for green details on your dining table when it comes to spring decor.

Choose green porcelain plates. If you manage to find them in the form of green leaves, then you will have managed to attract the attention of any newcomer.

Combine with yellow glass glasses to create contrast and soften the decor.

Add texture with cloth napkins.

17. Spring Chic And Elegance On The Dining Table

spring chic and elegance on the dining table #decorhomeoriginal

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Even if you go overboard with the number of vases of spring flowers or candlesticks, you can still achieve elegant perfection.

A few tall candlesticks are placed on this lovely dining table, combined with clear vases with bouquets of flowers.

You can see how stylish, sophisticated and chic this spring decor looks on the dining table.

18. Pastel Gold Tones

spring dining table decor ideas 18 #decorhomeoriginal

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The pastel tones of the napkins and vases pair superbly with the golden shine of the cutlery and candlesticks.

Choose soft tones for the vases, napkins and plants to create splendor on the dining table.

Do not hesitate to complement with ceramic plates in a non-standard shape.

Elegant, premium glass glasses tower over the sleek dining table.

19. Willow Branches For A Spring Centerpiece On The Dining Table

willow branches for a spring centerpiece on the dining table #decorhomeoriginal

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Blooming willow branches are one of the clearest signs of spring.

Its yellow colors bring life and energy to the space. Its delicate branches are elegant and beautiful.

Pair with a yellow striped tablecloth and brass candlesticks.

Patterned china is the cherry on top in this charming spring dining table décor.

20. Euphoria Of Spring Flowers On The Dining Table

euphoria of spring flowers on the dining table #decorhomeoriginal

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Spring is colorful, isn’t it? Well, gathering all the colors on the dining table is an excellent way to show how lively and varied the season is.

Collect a variety of spring flowers to place in the center of the table.

Pair with colored glass cups, colored porcelain and woven place mats.

Texture with cloth napkins tied in gold rings. A wooden table is also important for this décor.

21. Simple Spring Dining Table Décor Idea

simple spring dining table décor idea #decorhomeoriginal

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You don’t have to clutter the dining table with decorations to show the arrival of spring.

You can fill several transparent small vases or even cups with blooming spring flowers.

Accessorize with patterned plaid napkins and multiple candle holders.

This way of decorating will be always be simple, attractive, and elegant enough.

22. Spring Farmhouse Dining Table Décor Idea

spring farmhouse dining table décor idea #decorhomeoriginal

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In the decor for a country house, the combination of woven baskets and bouquets of wild spring flowers gives the feeling of being close to nature.

If you fill the dining table with wild spring flowers, you will not only get a beautiful decor, but also fill the whole home with spring fragrances.

The large basket of flowers placed by the corner of the table fills the space and gives the feeling of a forest glade.

23. Sunny Mood At The Dining Table

sunny mood at the dining table #decorhomeoriginal

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Yellow shades suggest joy, smiles and sun.

This is exactly what is sought when decorating the spring dining table.

Bright yellow plates attract attention and the table becomes the focal point.

Complement with dark tablecloths and napkins to create contrast.

Place flowers for a spring centerpiece to suggest the return of spring and to add texture to the dining table.

24. Fabulous Spring Euphoria

spring dining table decor ideas 24 #decorhomeoriginal

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Who does not dream of a life like in a fairy tale.

And why not perform it live?

Use your imagination and be inspired by your dreams when decorating the spring dining table.

Use decorative figurines and place them on top of a bouquet of real spring flowers.

Feel free to experiment with the details.

Napkins with text, curved forks and whatever your fancy suggests.

25. Perfect Easter Dining Table

perfect easter dining table #decorhomeoriginal

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If your focus is not only spring, but also the Easter holidays, get some inspiration from this design.

Plates with figures of bunnies, scattered Easter eggs on the tablecloth and flowers and eggs in the napkins.

Don’t forget the large fresh patterned bouquet in a large vase to be the beautiful centerpiece on the dining table.

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