30 Amazing Bathroom Makeover Ideas You Will Fall In Love With

With one of these bathroom makeover ideas you can transform this space to one beautiful and amazing place in your home.

30 Amazing Bathroom Makeover Ideas You Will Fall In Love With #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

Do you want to transform the bathroom with little money?

If the bathroom does not need major repairs, you can use budget funds for conversion.

There is a bathroom in each home and it is one of the rooms that are used separately by each member of the family.

The bathroom should be not only a place for hygiene but also an attractive, cozy, and beautiful place to relax.

This “Before and After” collection of ideas will help you benefit from when you decide to renovate the bathroom.

How can I modernize my bathroom cheaply?

  • Place a larger mirror in the bathroom, which will add a feeling of increasing space.
  • Install a modern new towel rail.
  • Replace cracked tiles so that the new ones fit the old ones.
  • You can easily change the color of the joints.
  • Put some new decorations in the bathroom such as candles or a vase of flowers.
  • Install new luminaires with bright light. This will increase the space.

Absolute Change of the Bathroom

Absolute Change of the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

Can you believe this is the same bathroom?

Everything in it has been changed, and the style has been completely changed.

From the dark brown of the cabinets, it has been transformed into an exquisite matte gray.

The walls are painted white. The mirror has acquired a new wooden shank.

The height of the space was used to place two wooden shelves that keep order in the bathroom.

via Cherished Bliss

Accent Wall and Wicker Baskets in the Bathroom

Accent Wall and Wicker Baskets in the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

Again, the focus of the makeover comes from the accent wall behind the sink.

The restored cabinet is painted white and remains with open shelves.

There are wicker baskets in them to maintain order in the bathroom.

The exquisite shape of the mirror frame dulls the sharpness of the shapes.

via White Cottage Home and Living

Art Décor for the Bathroom

Art Décor for the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

The pale gray on the walls softens the white from the cabinets.

The frame of the mirror and the paintings hung on the walls give an art atmosphere to the whole bathroom.

The striped curtain adds an extra touch.

via Live Love DIY

Bathroom Makeover with Light Colors

Bathroom Makeover Idea with Light Colors #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the easiest budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas since the main thing you have to do is just paint the walls in a lighter color.

A round mirror fits the oval sink.

The walls are painted white, and the playful eyes on them wink at you every morning.

The lighting is concentrated on the side instead of on top.

via A Beautiful Mess

Bathroom Makeover with Personal Style

Bathroom Makeover with Own Style #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

If you are an individualist and love radical changes, do not hesitate to change everything in your bathroom.

Towel rack, old license plates for the closet, and the most sensational – artificial wood in the bathroom.

This place is really remarkable.

via Funky Junk Interiors

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

Change the contrast by painting the wall in white and placing the dark color in the lower part of the room.

Make the floor and the cabinet a dark color and in the upper part of the bathroom make sure to put some light shades.

Install transparent shower doors so as not to narrow the room further.

via Decorist

Budget Bathroom Makeover

Budget Bathroom Makeover #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the most budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas.

If you just change the bathroom cladding, you will have a completely new look in this place.

Use contrasting colors.

Put a curtain over the tub for more intimacy.

via Handmade Home

Change With a Bathtub in the Bathroom

Change With a Bathtub in the Bathroom#bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

If you have enough space, put a bathtub and a light curtain in the bathroom.

This will bring romance to the room, and you will be able to enjoy true relaxation.

via Simply Maggie

Complete Change of the Bathroom Without Unnecessary Funds

Complete Change of the Bathroom Without Unnecessary Funds #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

The emphasis on the change comes from the walls, where new cladding and paint have been placed.

The cabinet is also repainted, and the mirror in its gold frame gives a unique charm to the room.

The open shelves create a feeling of space, and the picture is the final touch.

via The Blooming Hydrangea

Create Playful Elements in the Bathroom

Create Playful Elements in the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

The first is the paint.

The walls turn white.

The individuality of this room, however, comes from the playful elements in the decor – the giant key and the large inscription.

via My Blessed Life

Decorative Wall in the Bathroom

Decorative Wall in the Bathroom#bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the most creative bathroom makeover ideas.

To change the look of the bathroom, make the wall behind the mirror with decorative elements.

This can be tile or water wallpaper. Instead of a large single mirror, place two smaller ones with two sinks.

This immediately makes the bathroom modern and romantic.

via Jenna Sue Design

DIY Vanity Makeover with Gel Stain

DIY Vanity Makeover with Gel Stain #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

Here the transformation does not cost much money, because you can transform the bathroom cabinet yourself.

With a coat of gel stain, the vanity is easily transformed.

And there you have a brand new bathroom look without spending a lot of time or money.

via Designing Vibes

Floor with Shapes of Honeycombs in the Bathroom

Floor with Shapes of Honeycombs in the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

The choice of the floor with the shape of honeycombs is complemented by the color of wooden elements.

White tiles on the wall divide the room with the bath and shower.

The greenery complements the floor as if taken from nature.

via Amber Interior Design

Framed Mirror and New Color

Framed Mirror and New Color #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

The simple and quick change in the bathroom can be done just by getting a brand new framed mirror and a slight change in the colors or the details.

The inscription on the wall is a fine addition to the decor of the bathroom.

via Manchesters Bathrooms

Guest Bathroom Makeover

Guest Bathroom Makeover#bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

The whole transformation happens with a change of color. In this case, the brown walls are repainted in light gray.

The dark brown cabinets are repainted in white.

Modern door handles have been added.

The mirror is brand new and bigger than the previous one and the luminaire has been renewed.

For more comfort, paintings are hung on the wall and a vase with some fresh greenery is placed next to the fountain.

via It’s a Grandville Life

Modern Bathroom with Double Sinks and Mirrors

Modern Bathroom with Double Sinks and Mirrors #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the most beautiful bathroom makeover ideas.

Again, the change in color makes the perfect makeover.

But here the cabinets are not white, but contrasting black against the light blue walls.

To keep everything in fashion, there are two sinks and two mirrors.

The vase of flowers and the picture are the finishing touches in this wonderful space.

via Lowes

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

The appearance of the bathroom can lead to a change in style.

The solid wooden shelves perfectly hang above the toilet bowl.

Retro wall lamps are in the style of the fountain.

The pictures with text and the pot with greenery add coziness, and the steering wheel curtain adds texture to the whole room.

via Bless’er House

Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Bathroom Makeover

Modern Farmhouse Inspired Bathroom Makeover#bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

The boring bathroom can be a complete change, with a rustic inspiration.

The good wood, the curtain, and the soft gray color of the walls come to the rescue.

via The Frugal Homemaker

New Tiles for a New Accent of the Bathroom

New Tiles for a New Accent of the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

A change only in the walls of a bathroom can completely transform it.

Decorative white tiles complete the room.

The gray joints between them give life to the whole bathroom.

via Ideal Home UK

Place a Mirror Frame in the Bathroom

Place a Mirror Frame in the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

Apart from wanting to change the color and style of the decor in the bathroom, remember that the framed mirror is one of the most important elements for making the change.

Combine its frame with a picture on the wall to acquire a modern coziness.

via Oh Me Oh My Blog

Put More Light in the Bathroom

Put More Light in the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

You want to change the dark bathroom with a lighter space.

Change the color of the cabinet, change the mat.

New lighting always leads to a new style.

Use the height for towel rails.

via Lily Pad Cottage

Sparkling Whiteness in the Bathroom

Sparkling Whiteness in the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

Leave the dark colors for the living room.

In the bathroom, light is paramount.

Turn everything white and arrange things in open shelves for more depth of space.

via Seas The Moment

The Change in the Bathroom Comes from the Paint

The Change in the Bathroom Comes from the Paint #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

For smaller bathrooms, it is recommended to use white color, both for the walls and for the furniture.

The color white allows for more sunlight to be reflected into the room and therefore give off the illusion that the space is bigger.

Pair the white color with a mirror with a beautiful, contrasting frame and wicker baskets on open shelves.

via 320 Sycamore Blog

The Mirror Becomes the Main Focus in the Bathroom

The Mirror Becomes the Main Focus in the Bathroom #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

What did you see first? The mirror, right?

With this non-standard curved frame, it stands as an exquisite perfection in the center of the bathroom.

The beige color is replaced by pale gray, and the cabinet of course becomes white.

The gray sink is like an extension of the walls.

The metal shelf is a convenient place for the towel and even for decor.

via Hello Hayley

Use A Variety of Colors for Bathroom Makeover

Use Colorful Colors for Bathroom Makeover #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

To make the room look more spacious and without extending the room itself, take advantage of the different colors.

Combine soft blue on the walls with lime-colored towels.

Place wicker baskets for extra texture.

White cabinets reflect light from the small window and the bathroom definitely looks bigger.

via Four Generations One Roof

Weekend Bathroom Makeover

Weekend Bathroom Makeover #bathroommakeover #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the least time consuming bathroom makeover ideas.

Apart from the fact that no devastating means are needed to remodel the bathroom, this can happen in a short time on a sunny weekend.

A quick paint on the walls, a new color for the cabinet, installation of a new exquisite mirror, and new lighting.

To make the change complete, add decorative elements.

via Diva of DIY

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