30 Space-Friendly Beds For Small Rooms

Bringing furniture into a small room is always difficult, and placing a bed is even more challenging if the room is to function as a bedroom.

The beds for small rooms require a lot of thinking, measuring and organizing the space.

Whether you place a large double bedroom, a folding bed, a raised bed, a simple couch or a sofa bed depends on many factors.

Some rooms are narrow, others low, others are meant to store more than one bed.

Despite all the difficulties, you can find a solution based on these unique and stylish ideas for placing beds in small rooms.

30 Space Friendly Beds For Small Rooms #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

What bed is good for a small room?
Choosing the right bed for small rooms is based on:

  1. The size of the room, its size and height
  2. Whether the room will be mainly a bedroom or living room or children’s room
  3. The design of the furniture, their functionality, the way they are arranged in the room
    You can choose between:
  • A foldable bed
  • Raised bed
  • Folding sofa
  • Classic daybed
  • Convertible Chair
  • And some other variants of beds for small rooms

How do you fit a bed in a small room?

If you have chosen a single bed, place it so that one side rests against the wall. Then you will have more space in the small room.
The double bed will stand better if the headboard is placed against the wall.

Bed with Corner Headboard

Bed with Corner Headboard #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

In a small room, the space is usually so cluttered that often the bed has to be placed in the corner where it will least interfere.

Choosing a bed with a corner headboard is an option that will allow you to provide more space in the bedroom.

These are usually single beds that limit the proximity to the wall.

However, there are also options for double corner beds with corner headboards.

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Bed with Under-bed Storage

Bed with Under-bed Storage #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

In small rooms, it is always difficult to find space for bed linen, bulky items, or even winter coats.

A variant of a lifting mattress easily solves the problem with the lack of space.

The mechanisms of this type of bed are made to be easy to maintain and to have quick access to things.

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Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Bunk beds are traditionally used in small rooms.

Their compact size provides space for at least two sleepers.

If the lower floor of the bed is double in size, this bed can sleep a total of three.

Placed next to the wall, this bed will take up minimal space at the expense of the number of people who can take advantage of it.

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Bunk Bed with Storage Shelves and Trundle

Bunk Bed with Storage Shelves and Trundle #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

This option can solve the problem of a small room in which to sleep three or four people.

The lower floor has a double bed, the upper floor has a single bed, and the drawer allows the opening of another bed, which can also accommodate two people.

This drawer can be retracted in the morning to lighten the space in the small room.

In addition, there are shelves under the stairs to store some things or toys.

Usually, these types of beds with their varieties are used for large families with limited housing.

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Classic Daybed

Classic Daybed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Classic daybeds are especially popular for placing in a small room.

They take up minimal space and are really cheap.

Classic daybeds are characterized by sufficient strength, and their appearance makes them multifunctional – like a bed or sofa.

They can be placed with their backs against the wall, in the corner of the room, or in the middle of the room.

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Convertible Chair

Convertible Chair #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

The chairs – a bed with its double function can never interfere with you in the small room.

The comfortable chair quickly and easily turns into a bed, and in the morning the space is freed up.

This type of bed is preferable if you need to sleep in the living room instead of in your bedroom.

Many different sizes and textures are available.

You just have to choose according to the interior of your living room.

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Convertible Sofa Chair Bed

Convertible Sofa Chair Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Not only folding beds-chairs, but also armchairs-beds are available on the market.

This comfortable armchair transforms into a bed with just a few movements.

If you like to take light naps in the living room, you should definitely get this type of armchair.

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Daybed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Daybeds have many functionalities.

They can be used as a bench in the kitchen or on the terrace.

Daybeds can be your living bed or a simple sofa in the living room.

Their light design is suitable for small rooms because it does not overload them with thick upholstery and heavy solid foundations.

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Daybed with Bookcase

Daybed with Bookcase #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Finding a place for books in a small room is sometimes very difficult.

The daybed with a bookcase option can solve the problem.

It is also a great option for a children’s room, where your favorite toys are on the shelf.

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Daybed with Trundle

Daybed with Trundle #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

When choosing a daybed for a bed, take advantage of the trundle couches on the market.

This way you will have an extra bed when a friend comes to you and stays for the night.

The lower mattress can be removed quickly and easily thanks to the wheels.

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Dresser Murphy Bed

Dresser Murphy Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Murphy beds are known to be close to the wall, but how about a dresser Murphy bed.

This bed is retractable as a cabinet that does not take away from the height of the room.

So the space is more filled with air and looks much more beautiful.

Above it can be placed works of art to decorate the room every day.

Its tray can be used to place decorations, small flower pots, or a place for a favorite book.

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Folding Bed

Folding Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Folding beds are very popular if you expect close guests to stay overnight.

When not in use, they are stored in the closet, attic, or basement.

Unfolding them is quick and easy, and their price is one of the lowest.

Available with or without mattresses. Folding beds are also convenient for camping or small country houses.

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Framed Futon Bed

Framed Futon Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Futon frames have entered the small rooms as an option for a small bed that fits in place.

The folding of the mattress is done along its length. Its additional side frames hold the remote, the book, and the drinks.

Its drawers provide extra storage space, which is so valuable in small rooms.

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Hanging Solid Wood Daybed

Hanging Solid Wood Daybed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Hanging beds can also be used in small stands, and the space under them is used to store things or clothes.

If lifting mechanisms are installed, in the morning the bed can be raised to the ceiling and free up space on the floor in the room.

The stability of this bed depends on the strength of the ropes and mechanisms.

It is certainly very nice to sleep in such a hanging bed that will rock us all night.

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Loft Bed with Bookcase

Loft Bed with Bookcase #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Raised beds do not have to be for two.

Cabinets, shelves, or drawers can be successfully placed under the bed to provide additional storage space for various things like books or clothes.

This option is good for small rooms, especially if they have sloping ceilings and height is limited.

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Loft Bed with Built-in-Desk

Loft Bed with Built in Desk #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

The children’s rooms need to have another piece of furniture – a desk.

In small children’s rooms, this problem is easily solved with Loft Bed with Built-in-Desk.

Raising the bed provides enough space for a large desk under it.

The removable laptop headboard will also make room for the chair.

The metal frame gives enough space and air for the space.

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L-Shape Bunk Bed

L-Shape Bunk Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

L-Shape Bunk Beds are comfortable for small rooms when the beds are in the corner.

It saves more space compared to standard corner beds, as part of the lower bed goes under the upper one.

This is a convenient option is for two teenagers who share a room.

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Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Murphy beds are one of the main preferences when it comes to a limited room.

When not used as intended, murphy beds fold tightly against the wall and look like a wardrobe.

Sometimes this type of bed is built into the wall to free up even more space in the room.

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Platform Bed with Low Profile Storage

Platform Bed with Low Profile Storage #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Platform bed frames store enough items and linen.

This type is especially suitable for small bedrooms, where storage space for duvets is usually lacking.

This does not clutter the room with large wardrobes and the blankets do not roll on the bed all day.

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Pull-out Inflatable Sofa Bed

Pull-out Inflatable Sofa Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Pull-out Inflatable Sofa Beds are easy to unfold to full size.

They are soft enough and comfortable for a permanent bedroom.

They are also convenient for unexpected guests and temporary sleeping for more than one person.

During the day, they can be folded up to a sofa or stored in the closet.

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Reclining Queen Bed

Reclining Queen Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Often the room has the function of a bedroom and living room in one when it comes to small homes.

For comfortable watching TV, reading or just for your convenience, you can choose a Reclining Queen Bed.

Some versions have remote control functions to adjust the lift, while others do so mechanically.

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Sofa Bed with Storage

Sofa Bed with Storage #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Sofa beds with storage are suitable for living rooms of small homes and studio apartments, where everything is in one room.

Their convenience consists in the fact that the duvets are retracted without looking for additional space for them.

So the room turns from a bedroom into a wonderful living room.

They are usually large enough to fit two people, and in some cases have extra stretch.

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Stackable Beds

Stackable Beds #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

This is a variant of trundle beds, but in this case, the upper bed must be raised.

These beds are perhaps a little more awkward for this lift but are also a great option for small rooms.

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Storage Murphy Bed

Storage Murphy Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Murphy’s beds are changing more and more. In this case, the bed is retracted to the wall, but around it, there are shelves for additional storage.

The two stools in front of the bed will look like a soft bench when the bed is folded.

This is a great solution for cramped rooms.

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Tatami Bed

Tatami Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Tatami beds are becoming increasingly popular furniture for small bedrooms.

When not used for sleeping, they become part of the floor with a small step.

Drawers for more storage space can also be designed under them.

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Trifold Mattress

Trifold Mattress #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

This triple folding mattress retracts quickly and effortlessly.

It is suitable for temporary overnight stays of guests or if you have not yet considered buying a permanent bed.

If you have one, you will easily welcome guests for a longer period of time. In addition, they can be placed in any room.

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Twin Back Convertible Sofa Bed

Twin Back Convertible Sofa Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

The convenience of this type of sofa is that their mattress folds in length in one go.

They are usually light-framed and look great in small rooms.

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Twin Bunk Bed

Twin Bunk Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

This is another successful idea for beds for small rooms. Placed in the corner of the room will free up enough space for play, study, and entertainment.

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Twin Murphy Bed

Twin Murphy Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

Twin beds are very popular for children’s rooms and still take up space.

But how about a twin Murphy bed?

Returning two legs to the wall will provide space for much more games and learning.

This option is also suitable for private rooms with tenants who live in only one room.

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Twin Triple Bunk Bed

Twin Triple Bunk Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeoriginal

In most cases, Bunk Bed has two beds, but modern designers have also thought of families with three twins.

This option is suitable for children with a small age difference.

If you have three twins, for example, this is a temporary solution for the small nursery.

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