21 Of The Smartest Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas To Make Your Holidays Easier

Soon we are going to have to hide our Christmas decorations somewhere for next year. How to store them easily is a question that’s being asked every single year. Well, today we are here to answer it! We have gathered 21 Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas for you to choose from and make it easy for you to take them out next holiday.

21 Smart Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

Store Your Wreath The Right Way

Store Your Wreath the Right Way #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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To make sure not even one pine needle falls, you can store the Christmas wreath in a big plastic bag or Ziploc bag that you can reuse year after year. You can store that bag pretty much anywhere, in the attic, the basement, or even in a wardrobe!

Store The Wrapping Paper

Store the Wrapping Paper #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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If you have leftover wrapping paper, don’t worry about it! Do not throw it away. It’s very likely that nobody remembers what wrapping paper you used last year, since everybody is focused on the present itself. You can roll them up and put them in a box and place it somewhere, or you can just roll them up and stuff them in your closet. Your choice!

Hanging Wrapping Paper

Hanging Wrapping Paper #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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You can use a shoe rack for your wrapping paper! You can hang it on the back of a door or somewhere in the basement. It’s all up to you!

Tips On How To Organize Your Christmas Ornaments

Tips on How to Organize Your Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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You can use plastic boxes from foods and clothes to store your Christmas ornaments. Create your little barriers and form little square/rectangular spaces to put your ornaments in them. You can even arrange them by color or size. Your call!

Rolling Your Christmas Lights On A Reel

Rolling Your Christmas Lights on a Reel #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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Storing Christmas lights is a real pain, but not to worry as we have the perfect solution. Get a reel, roll them around it, and put it in a bag. And there you go, it’s that easy!

A Piece Of Cardboard For The Christmas Lights

A Piece of Cardboard for the Christmas Lights #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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Another way to solve your Christmas lights problem is to wrap them around a piece of cardboard, by putting them in a box it can even save some space!

Plastic Cups For Keeping Your Christmas Ornaments

Plastic Cups for Keeping Your Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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You can store any small-sized ornament in an empty cup. Put the cups in a big plastic box and put it away in your attic or basement or maybe even your garage.

Old Belts For Putting Away the Christmas Tree

Old Belts for Putting Away the Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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You can use old and unused belts to keep the Christmas tree together. It is very easy and effective. After that, you can store them pretty much everywhere.

Keeping The Christmas Decorations Organized

Keeping the Christmas Decorations Organized #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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If you have a lot of ornaments you might need bigger boxes to store them. You can carefully store all of your decorations and label your boxes so you can easily keep track of them.

Storing The Christmas Ornaments

Storing the Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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Every year we are full of wrapping paper, tags, ribbons, and wishing cards. Actually, it is very simple to organize them all. Just get a few medium-sized boxes and label them.

Labeling Your Decorations

Labeling Your Decorations #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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To make your life easier you can label your decorations themselves. For example, if you have different lengths of garlands you can label them by the places they belong when put up, or just label them by length. It’s up to you.

Roll The Christmas Lights On A Coat Hanger

Roll the Christmas Lights on a Coat Hanger #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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Another very easy and effective way to organize your Christmas lights is to wrap them around a coat hanger! This way you can even hang them in your closet or on a wall.

Storing Christmas Lights In A Cardboard Box

Storing Christmas Lights in a Cardboard Box #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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Use hard cardboard and cut it up like shown, there, wrap the lights. You can put them in another cardboard and hide it in your closet until next Christmas.

Shrink Wrapping Your Christmas Tree

Shrink Wrapping Your Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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Fold the tree and then wrap it with stretch film. That’s a way to keep it from dust and damage. Now you can place it everywhere.

Hanging Ribbons In A Slotted Tupperware Bin

Hanging Ribbons in a Slotted Tupperware Bin #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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If you have way too many ribbons and you struggle to keep them in order you can just put them in a slotted Tupperware bin. When you need them you can just pull the corresponding end and cut the length you need.

Stashing Gift Wrap Items

Stashing Gift Wrap Items #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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Store all gift wrap items in plastic boxes and label them. It is super simple and effective. That way next Christmas you won’t be worrying about packaging presents.

Egg Cartons For Keeping Christmas Ornaments

Egg Cartons for Keeping Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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Using egg cartons is actually a very practical way to store your ornaments. The carton is strong enough to last you even a few years.

Making DIY Christmas Card Books

Making DIY Christmas Card Books #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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If you keep your old Christmas cards you can create your own little books of them! On the front, you can label them by year and then perforate them together. This is a great way to keep memories.

Smart Christmas Cards Storage Idea

Smart Christmas Cards Storage Idea #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

To keep your wishing cards the way you got them you can use boxes for office documents, they are absolutely perfect for the job. You can write the year on them and keep them in order.

Garlands Of Beads In A Plastic Bottle

Garlands of Beads in a Plastic Bottle #Christmas #Christmas decoration #storage #decorhomeoriginal

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Bead garlands are always very hard to keep in place when off the Christmas tree. That’s why you can use an empty plastic bottle and store it in there. A very easy and practical idea!

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