25 Cute Cottage Kitchen Design and Decor Ideas

Cottage Kitchens in a rustic style are characterized by exceptional charm, irresistible tenderness, and endless aesthetic appeal.

This type of arrangement preserves light, soft and warm tones that create the comfort of home.

25 Cute Cottage Kitchen Design And Decor Ideas #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

Cottage Kitchens are really attractive, spacious, with a relaxing atmosphere.

This decor will give more light and will increase the space in your kitchen.

Cottage kitchen designs can be recreated not only in rural areas but also in very urban areas.

Browse these cottage-kitchen-design options and choose a captivating idea for your kitchen decor.

Antique Kitchen Window Decoration

Antique Kitchen Window Decoration #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Idea Stand

A perfect solution for getting a rustic style in your kitchen is to use an old frame to attach to the inside of your window.

The older and more antique the newly attached frame is, the more elegant cottage decor you will get.

And the ceramic dishes on the shelves below will give the feeling of a cozy home.

Aqua Colors and  Brick Décor in Cottage Kitchen

Aqua Colors and Brick Decor in Cottage Kitchen #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Design Sponge

Make a brick section of the kitchen wall to give an authentic look to it.

Complement with aqua shades that will bring freshness and contrast to the orange bricks.

And the wooden shelves complement the perfection of cottage kitchen design.

Authentic Décor in Yellow

Authentic Decor in Yellow #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Trendir

The yellow color brings light and warmth to this spacious kitchen.

The freshness is complemented by the greenery of the flowers, and the windows with numerous small glasses create a rustic atmosphere.

Navy Blue Wall and Copper Kitchen Utensils

Navy Blue Wall and Copper Kitchen Utensils #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Decomg

In the darker colors, we find an irresistible appeal.

The moving decor with the reflections of the copper vessels creates a unique contrast.

The wooden locker with flowers like it’s coming right from the tales of the Brothers Grimm!

Massive Wooden Shelves Decoration in Cottage Kitchen

Massive Wooden Shelves Decoration in Cottage Kitchen #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Trendir

Solid wood is a key element in the decor of the Cottage Kitchen.

Placed in the corner of the kitchen and arranged with white porcelain dishes the wood gives off a blissful charm to this dark place in the room.

Use ceramic dishes with colorful colors for a happier mood in the room.

Light Blue Cottage Kitchen with Yellow Accents

Light Blue Cottage Kitchen with Yellow Accents #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Home Stories A to Z

Wooden kitchen lockers, colored in a tenderly light blue unveil more fresh air in the room and make the atmosphere happier.

The delicacy of this kitchen comes from the yellow accents in the dishes and flowers on the kitchen island.

Gray Cottage Kitchen

Gray Cottage Kitchen #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Our Vintage Home Love

The massive wooden shelves, rattan baskets, and blinds contrast with the smooth gray cabinets.

The antique table complements the ancient look of the small kitchen.

The whole vision radiates comfort and coziness.

The Charm is in The Symmetry in This Cottage Kitchen

The Charm is in the Symmetry in this Cottage Kitchen #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Interior Ideas

The symmetrical arrangement of colors and details is always a successful solution to the decor.

The contrasts of colors from light to dark give a color feel to an orderly atmosphere.

And the vanished greenery enchants and adds spheres.

Distressed Island In The Middle Of The Cottage Kitchen

Distressed Island in the Middle of the Cottage Kitchen #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Gravetics

The focus of the decor here is in the Distressed Island in the middle.

Even if the rest of the interior has a more modern design, the placement of such an island immediately changes the overall look of the kitchen.

It is remarkable how skillfully the stainless steel appliances are combined with the rural background.

Eclectic Cottage Kitchen Decor

Eclectic Cottage Kitchen Decor #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Retro Vintage Style

It doesn’t take much effort to get an Eclectic Cottage Kitchen.

Just leave the chimney without additional coatings to see the natural bricks and place a rustic style rug on the floor with bright patterns.

Add dishes and jars in a rustic style and you’re done.

Large Farmhouse Sink and Mild Tones

Large Farmhouse Sink and Mild Tones #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Emily Henderson

White tiles and a Large Farmhouse Sink are the perfect look of a Cottage Kitchen Design.

The soft light tones of the cabinets make the space seem larger than it is.

Glass doors add depth to it.

Cottage Kitchen with Essential Whiteness

Cottage Kitchen with Essential Whiteness #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Tidbits

This little Cottage Kitchen is so delicate, that it is almost transparent!

With its delicate whiteness, it enchants with purity and light.

The sky blue dishes are a small additional nuance of the ease with which the room is filled.

Massive Exposed Beams

Massive Exposed Beams #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Crystal Nielsen

The massive wooden beams on the ceiling are a distinctive element in the rural interior.

By placing them, the kitchen is separated from the other rooms.

It will look perfect with a few more wooden shelves and a handmade rug.

Old Style Cottage Kitchen

Old Style Cottage Kitchen #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Shelterness

The romance in this cottage kitchen is inspired by the lace details.

The folded curtain under the antique sink adds texture and softness to the decor.

And all this, combined with pale natural wood, creates a real Charming Cottage Kitchen Design.

Dutch Door and Porthole Window Cottage Kitchen Design

Dutch Door and Porthole Window Cottage Kitchen design #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via The Inspired Room

The antique brass fountain, placed under the Porthole Window, the wool aisle, the decorative lamp, and the Dutch door, give out the design sense of its owner.

The combination of white, black, and copper is elegantly complemented. Beautiful!

Organized Chaos in Cottage Kitchen Design

Organized Chaos in Cottage Kitchen Design #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

The specificity of the Cottage Kitchen design is its orderly chaos.

The elements in this decor seem to be deliberately scattered, but perfectly arranged in harmony with the style that has been achieved.

Rustic Wood And Steel Cottage Kitchen

Rustic Wood and Steel Cottage Kitchen #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Cabinet Corp

The unique contrast between the warmth of the wood and the metallic energy of stainless steel makes an extremely strong connection between them.

In addition, the rustic lamps above the decorative sink create the feeling of completeness of the details.

Navy Blue and White Cottage Kitchen

Navy Blue and White Cottage Kitchen #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Antique Farmhouse

White colors in the kitchen make it look fresh and spacious.

Dark colors bring contrast.

Combining them makes the room attractive and striking.

Supreme Cottage Kitchen design

Supreme Cottage Kitchen Design #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Maison Boheme

Make the most out of your tall ceilings with a big window and as many shelves as possible.

The sun is flooding the kitchen with light.

The interior is absolutely stunning! 

Cottage Kitchen with Whitewashed Planks

Cottage Kitchen with Whitewashed Planks #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Layjao

Whitewashed Planks on the floor and ceiling add depth to this bright and clean Cottage Kitchen.

Industrial lamps and an outdated kitchen island are driving the design.

The added antique candlesticks complete the picture of the rustic decor.

Cottage Kitchen Design With A Wooden Touch Of Decor

Cottage Kitchen Design with a Wooden Touch of Decor #cottage #kitchen #decorhomeoriginal

via Decoratorist

The presence of natural wooden elements in the interior of Cottage Kitchen will always be the easiest and most affordable solution to design such decor.

Combined with light colors, wood brings warmth and a light mood to the home.

Metal decorative holders on the open shelves complement the texture of the atmosphere.

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