27 Original Decorating Ideas with Branches to Bring Nature in Your Home

Is it time to change the decoration in your home, or are you moving into a new place?

Do you need a natural and good-looking decor?

Wondering how to use the least possible materials for it?

Then this is the perfect article for you!

27 Original Decorating Ideas with Branches to Bring Nature in Your Home #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

It’s not hard to change the look of your home with natural materials when there are countless parks and mountains, even your own yard could do the job.

You cannot imagine how many ways there are to make your home a better-looking place!

Branches are very effective when included in the home decor because they are very easy to find and are absolutely gorgeous!

Take a look at our suggestions for using branches as a decorative item in our article below.

Bathroom-Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Branches

Bathroom Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Branches #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Funky Junk Interiors

After you finish your morning routine it is time to put on your jewelry.

A comfortable space for storing those accessories is right next to your sink, hanging on the wall.

This will not only give your bathroom a brand new look but it will also be very close to you.

This idea is great because on top of everything it charges you with positive energy for you to carry on with your day!

Beaded Bough Wind Chime

Beaded Bough Wind Chime #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Garden Therapy

One branch, a few beads, a rope, and a few bells are not only decorations but also a colorful piece of art that brings both a better interior and happiness! You can hang this on your porch or terrace or call the children for breakfast with it. It will definitely make a great start of the day either way!

Big Sur Ballroom Chandelier

Big Sur Ballroom Chandelier #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Avso

An inverted branch hanging from the ceiling can be turned into a chandelier that will make everyone smile. It’s as if you’re looking at a forest with a bright sun shining behind it. This idea makes you feel like you are one with the nature!

Birch Wood Stair Banister

Birch Wood Stair Banister #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Home BNC

If you thought the staircase was a boring place that didn’t need decorating, check out this project and think about it. Use dry twigs to replace metal and straight railings and bring the spirit of nature into the house.

Black Forest Repurposed Wall Rack

Black Forest Repurposed Wall Rack #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Homedepot

Have you ever hung your coat on a nearby tree when you are in the park or forest? Yes, then why is this not possible at home? Use this idea for a clothes hanger or just decorate it according to the season and turn it into an exquisite changing decor.

Crown Of Branches Window Lamp

Crown Of Branches Window Lamp #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Deavita

The old and boring table lamp can be transformed into an exquisite addition to the interior by wrapping it with dried twigs. The light emitted by this DIY work is soft, gentle and creates a real home harmony.

DIY Decorate With Branches Table Setting

DIY Decorate With Branches Table Setting #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Outside The Box Wedding

Eating with the whole family together is the most important part of the day. Let this be like a holiday for every day. Achieving this is possible by making an easy but a very beautiful table decoration. Put a dry twig in a bowl or vase and decorate it according to your imagination!

DIY Freestanding Front Hall Tree

DIY Freestanding Front Hall Tree #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Tomfo

If you have free space in the corner of the bedroom you can easily fill it with this DIY decor project with a large dry branch placed in a pot filled with concrete. And the soft fluffy rug underneath gives a nice and warm texture to the interior.

DIY Rustic Twig Frame

DIY Rustic Twig Frame #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via eHow

Bring the boring empty wall to life with this unique DIY picture. Collect a bundle of dry twigs, glue them on a simple wooden frame and decorate with dried flowers for a fresh look.

DIY Tree Branches Flower Pot

DIY Tree Branches Flower Pot #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Bloglovin

The flowers are meant to be in a natural environment. With this DIY project you can wrap the pot with dry twigs, which you can tie with twine to make it look as if the flower garden has entered your home!

DIY Tree Branches Light

DIY Tree Branches Light #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Useful DIY

You can make a lamp from twigs by glueing small pieces of them on an inflated balloon, which you can then remove.

This DIY project will fill your room with lights and shadows that will give a unique atmosphere to the room.

Floating By Candlelight Table Display

Floating By Candlelight Table Display #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via B Lovely Events

Have you seen how often wedding lights are lit with candles immersed in water? You can use this idea and make your own decoration of twigs, further decorated with glittering crystals.

Floor-To-Ceiling Forested Hook Stand

Floor To Ceiling Forested Hook Stand #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Design Intuition

Now you can bring the forest in your home! All you have to do is put a few large branches in your hallway and paint them in white. That way they will look very fresh, however you can paint them to your liking as well! When you are ready with the painting you can just use them as coat hangers and they will look amazing!

Gallerist’s Walk Sectioned Wall Mount

Gallerists Walk Sectioned Wall Mount #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Iltalehti

By creating this DIY optical illusion you can change the whole look of the wall and add an unforgettable feeling about your home.

How To Make Twig Curtain Rod

How To Make Twig Curtain Rod #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Lynne Knowlton

Here’s another idea you can use for bringing nature in your own house with a real tree. You can use a branch as a curtain rod!

Indoor Forest Framed Branch Lights

Indoor Forest Framed Branch Lights #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Zulily

A lit up forest of branches is one very attractive addition to the interior of the home. Place the branches and the LED lights in a frame and create a beautiful and unique picture.

La Mer Handmade Driftwood Mirror

La Mer Handmade Driftwood Mirror #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Sustain My Craft Habit

It’s not necessary to spend a lot a money on a good-looking mirror. You can save money by getting an ordinary mirror and cover its frame with branches to make it look more connected with the nature!

Logger’s Lounge Bough-And-Bulb

Loggers Lounge Bough And Bulb #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Roomilicious

If you are a big fan of the natural colors and wooden designs, then you should include your chandelier. One ordinary branch, around which are wrapped the cables of the light bulbs can immediately turn into an unique addition to the table.

Metropolitan Orchard DIY Wall Art

Metropolitan Orchard DIY Wall Art #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Best DIY Lists

If you like being close to the trees in the forest and nature all together, then this DIY project is absolutely perfect for you! One big and long branch attached to the wall and tiny wooden logs around it will make you feel like you are on a walk outdoors without actually being there.

Midsummer Fairy Light Forest

Midsummer Fairy Light Forest #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Hawk-Hill

You want to have a calming environment in your bedroom? There is no better option for you than this one – dry branches, wrapped with LED lights! Just put on some warm colors for the lights and you are ready to go!

Natural Love Handmade Branch Chimes

Natural Love Handmade Branch Chimes #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via eHow

This is a handmade decoration for a home, filled with love! For this DIY project you don’t have to be heavily prepared since it is extremely easy to set up. All you have to do is get branches and form in the shape of a heart and paint it all red or pink to make the feeling even more lovely!

Pacific Canopy Beach Bedroom

Pacific Canopy Beach Bedroom #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Solebich

There is no person, who has never dreamed of sleeping in a bed like a king with a canopy cover! This is a variant, which every person can make for themselves and feel like a king in their own bedroom.

Poet’s Garden Floral Branch Wall Hanging

Poets Garden Floral Branch Wall Hanging #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via A Pretty Fix

It’s like spring is knocking on your bedroom door with this idea. It is such a soft white color that you can’t resist it! With this DIY project you will feel the poetry of this decoration.

Scandinavian Forest Four-Poster Bed

Scandinavian Forest Four Poster Bed #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Cool Kadin

Here is a very interesting idea based on the Scandinavian Four Poster Bed. You can replace the bed frame with some dry branches and it’s going to look amazing!

Tree Of Light Illuminated Lamp

Tree Of Light Illuminated Lamp #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Boredart


If you don’t have a nice lantern for your living room feel free to use this DIY project in your own house.

This idea is really clever and very easy to do.

All you have to prepare are some LED lights and you have to wrap them around the branches. Very easy and cozy!

Winter Palace Sculpted Twig Chandelier

Winter Palace Sculpted Twig Chandelier #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Funky Junk Interiors

A beautiful way to upgrade your old chandelier is to wrap it with sheafs from dry branches and you’ll automatically add a modern feeling to it! This DIY chandelier is really worth the effort because it looks stunning!

Woodland Lettering Wall Art

Woodland Lettering Wall Art #decor #home #branches #decorhomeoriginal

via Mom Loves Best

You can use dry branches to make a picture of monogram art. Place the letter at your front door for a nice welcoming hello and to show that this is YOUR house!

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