30 Dreamy Garden Inspirations to Design Your Fantastic Place

Among these 25 garden designs, one can find a combination of creativity with natural beauty and inspiration, seeing a variety of ideas for transforming gardens.

Each location contains unique elements such as colorful flowers, lush greenery and non-standard solutions.

30 Dreamy Garden Inspirations to Design Your Fantastic Place #decorhomeoriginal

Here, you’ll want cozy nooks for privacy, as well as spacious vistas to delight in. T

hese dreamy garden inspirations are suitable for anyone who dreams of their own place to relax.

Here you will find a solution on how to bring harmony, elegance and chic into garden spaces.

1. Lush Cozy Garden

Lush cozy garden #decorhomeoriginal

via Jon Gower

This garden is filled with living plants and flowers that synchronize with each other with extraordinary contrast.

The round table is surrounded by two wicker chairs, vases, and a pot with various flowers and plants stand out on it.

The wooden fence and pergolas surround this cozy place, which attract with irresistible charm.

2. Illuminated Modern Garden

Illuminated modern garden #decorhomeoriginal

via Limerick Leader

The modern seating area is illuminated during springtime with charming light in soft tones.

The greenery in the garden stands out against this background, and the shadows from the plants add romance and whimsical shapes.

The steps, also illuminated, lead to the soft seating and beckon the inhabitants of this romantic and charming garden.

3. An Impressive Arch Covered in an Abundance of Flowers

An impressive arch covered in an abundance of flowers #decorhomeoriginal

The garden path, covered with arches of living flowers, takes the breath away of passers-by.

he abundance of colors contrasts with the pale path.

Green hedges on either side of the path, and flowers in bloom along the arcs of the arches.

This whole picture gives a magical atmosphere and fairy-tale charm.

4. Charming Rustic Garden

Charming rustic garden #decorhomeoriginal

via Dengarden

The rustic wooden furniture in this charming garden corner is made of natural materials.

The recreation area is surrounded by lush greenery and multi-colored live flowers that have budded in a variety of colors.

The place looks like a natural clearing in the wild.

The stone path unequivocally invites you to walk along it to the wooden bench and table.

A wooden fence creates a sense of solitude and romance.

5. Comfortable Garden Corner

Comfortable garden corner #decorhomeoriginal

via Vicki Archer

The comfort of this charming garden corner comes from the white soft seating, which is casually placed next to an imposing stone fountain.

The abundance of pink flowers brings romance, tranquility and tenderness to the entire area.

Rustic metal tables placed on either side of the fountain add symmetry and balance the setting.

6. Small Charming Backyard

Small charming backyard #decorhomeoriginal

via Real Simple

This small backyard garden carries its charm with the white stone meandering path.

Surrounded by a garden covered with red mulch, it contrasts among the miniature plants.

A few bushes and small trees bring height architecture to the space.

Scattered pots of living plants add to the atmosphere of charm and enticingly invite relaxation among them.

7. Scenic Patio Escape

Scenic patio escape #decorhomeoriginal

via Home-Designing

A perfect place to escape from the urban environment.

Elegant massive chairs with soft plush cushions sit in front of a stable iron table.

A classically imposing fountain is placed in the center of the garden and serves as a central focus in the setting.

All this is surrounded by lush greenery and gorgeous massive saskia with vivid flowers in wonderful colors.

Behind the low fence stands out an unimaginable view of the vast expanse of the sea.

The overall landscape of this charming place inspires tranquility in this outdoor retreat.

8. Garden Trolley in Perfect Colorful Charm

Garden trolley in perfect colorful charm #decorhomeoriginal

via The Dollar Stretcher

An abundance of purple, pink and red flowers are planted on an antique cart.

They overflow from it and create a euphoric feeling of beauty.

This masterpiece stands out against the background of lush greenery, creating a picturesque garden focus of whimsical form.

9. An Abundance of Roses Around an Ancient Fountain

 An abundance of roses around an ancient fountain #decorhomeoriginal

via Jamaican Properties

Symmetrically arranged rose bushes charmingly surround an ancient stone fountain.

Centrally located, this setting sits amongst a landscaped garden of lush grass and massive trees and shrubs.

Hidden in the darkness behind the fountain is a white wooden gazebo with a romantic little bench to sit on.

This peaceful setting offered solitude, peace and reverie.

10. A Stepped Garden of Mediterranean Cacti

A stepped garden of mediterranean cacti #decorhomeoriginal

via Garden of Eady

Between two staircases there is a Mediterranean garden with vibrantly grown cacti.

Following the elevated terrain, they rise to the sides of concrete columns, supporting an arch of abundant greenery.

In addition to the cacti, colorful plants are noticeable, infusing mood and adding a variety of colors to this stunning garden.

11. A Tropical Paradise at the Entrance

A tropical paradise at the entrance #decorhomeoriginal

via Woman of Style and Substance

The choice of tropical plants is determined by the location and geographical coordinates of a given garden.

This garden is full of tropical plants, placed at the entrance of a typical tropical entrance.

An elegant wooden garage door adds texture to a stone entryway.

Plants frame the entrance and enhance the architectural style.

The overall look combines modern clean lines with the whimsical shapes of the tropics.

12. A Vivid Color Painting in Front of the Entrance

A vivid color painting in front of the entrance #decorhomeoriginal

via Kelly’s Thoughts on Things

The facade rises above a red brick pavement in the center of which is a red flower arrangement.

All of this is surrounded by lush colorful foliage that abounds in red colors.

A white bench is unambiguously placed in front of the entrance for relaxation and is surrounded by various decorative elements.

The whole look of this place exudes life and high spirits.

13. Bathtub Planter Centerpiece

Bathtub planter centerpiece #decorhomeoriginal

via Outdoor Art Pros

A central focal point in this elegantly maintained building is a vintage white bathtub.

tub has been turned into a flower pot and is filled with vibrant white and red flowers.

This striking feature is surrounded by a well-shaped circle of boxwood hedges, making the look slim and sophisticated.

All this beauty is situated in front of the home’s back entrance as a naturally charming retreat.

14. Modern Urban Garden

Modern urban garden #decorhomeoriginal

via Green Art

This modern urban garden contains lush green grass, which is bordered by gray stone paths.

Raised flower beds have been made in some parts. In one corner of the garden there is a cozy gazebo with soft, comfortable armchairs.

his is the place for relaxation, tranquility and enjoyment.

All this is surrounded by a wooden fence, ensuring privacy.

15. Classic English Garden

Classic english garden #decorhomeoriginal

via Haddonstone

Central to this stunning garden is a stone birdbath.

On all sides are hedge mazes with perfectly shaped contours.

Among the perfect boxwood are elegant flowering purple plants that add an extra touch of elegance to the layout.

Among the bushes are brick paths, inviting you to walk in this lovely place.

16. Stylishly Structured Garden

Stylishly structured garden #decorhomeoriginal

via The Glam Pad

The elegant style of this garden is defined by the blooming cherry trees in front of the entrance.

Their stunning crowns spread over perfectly shaped boxwood bushes.

White pavers clearly delineate the boundaries of gravel paths that circle the beautiful garden.

17. Chic Garden Nook

Chic garden nook #decorhomeoriginal

via The Glam Pad

In this chic garden corner, grassy green is the key.

The futuristic bench is painted in harmony with the large wooden containers in which young trees are planted.

The whole environment offers coziness, charm and tranquility.

18. Garden in Front of the Entrance

Garden in front of the entrance #decorhomeoriginal

via Beauty Harmony Life

If you don’t have the opportunity to have your own garden, you can create one on the staircase in front of the entrance.

This grand staircase is decorated with lush greenery, among which stand out fabulous red flowers.

The large planters at the bottom of the stairs house creeping live plants.

Two tall topiaries are placed right in front of the entrance, which completes the uniqueness of this garden on the staircase.

19. A House with a Facade of Flowers

A house with a facade of flowers #decorhomeoriginal

via Beauty Harmony Life

The entire facade of this country home is covered with terracotta pots of red, purple, pink and white flowers.

Their lush flowering completely covers the facade, the balcony, the staircase and part of the window.

All this creates a fabulous landscape and stunning visuals.

20. Vibrant Front Yard

Vibrant front yard #decorhomeoriginal

In front of this contemporary courtyard is a meadow of lush greenery, bordered by a living border of red flowers.

The contrast between the two colors makes the landscape attractive, captivating and exhilarating.

This amazing garden is completed with several tall plants and pots of live plants.

All this adds to the elegance of this modern residence.

21. A Mysterious Round Wooden Gate

A mysterious round wooden gate #decorhomeoriginal

via Family Food Garden

The entrance to the garden is made of wood in a circular shape, which in itself makes the place soothing, fascinating and mysterious.

Through the round gate, a path made of alternating cobblestones and gray gravel can be seen.

On the sides of the path you can see lush vegetation of multi-colored flowers and lots of greenery.

The uniqueness of the entrance is complemented by a low wooden fence lying under the shade of tall trees.

22. Illuminated Zen Pathway

Illuminated zen pathway #decorhomeoriginal

via Family Food Garden

The elegance of this path lies in its contrast between the white floor and the black fabric of the path, like a night river.

The small lights shine mysteriously and create a mysterious charm.

Along the path are several well-trimmed bushes and a bonsai tree. All this creates tranquility and nocturnal charm.

23. Garden Archway Retreat

Garden archway retreat #decorhomeoriginal

A fairy-tale wooden arch invites you to walk through it to access a place of solitude.

The archway is covered with creeping rose bushes and leads to a cozy seating area with wicker chairs.

All this is surrounded by a wooded area and lush greenery.

At the bottom you can see a wooden shed in a rustic style, which perfectly fits the overall landscape.

24. Colorful Cottage Garden

 Colorful cottage garden #decorhomeoriginal

A flower garden surrounds the entire house, offering a variety of flowers.

Yellow daffodils, pink geraniums and purple violets can be seen.

A classic stone birdbath is centered in the middle of the garden, adding extra charm to the whole setting.

25. A Magical Garden

A magical garden #decorhomeoriginal

A fairytale enchantment hidden under lush greenery is illuminated by a delightful fireplace and charming gazebo.

A place to escape and truly relax.

A place where you can dream and daydream.

Everything is laid out in a seating area amidst an abundance of flowers.

The purple hue of the illuminated stones make the place magical and charming.

26. Calm Courtyard Pathway

Calm courtyard pathway #decorhomeoriginal

A quiet courtyard with a meandering cobblestone path bordered by small green shrubs and leading to a peaceful seating area.

The wooden gate at the end of the yard adds texture and contrast to this space.

The bench next to it is covered by a pergola and covered with vines. D

ecorative lanterns are placed in the center of the path, which add a romantic touch.

27. A Majestic Hedge Arch

A majestic hedge arch #decorhomeoriginal

A wide and level path of fresh grass is surrounded by tall blue, white and purple flowers.

The path leads to an elegantly trimmed imposing hedge arch.

Through the gap under the arch, another arch can be seen above the continuation of the path.

The layout of this garden is stunning with its regal majesty.

28. Floral Arch with Lanterns

Floral arch with lanterns #decorhomeoriginal

The rose-purple flowers that wrap around the arch bring a romantic and charming sight.

An ancient chandelier hangs under the arch, and on both sides of it are lanterns and candles that flash among the lush greenery.

The arch is an entrance to a quiet and peaceful place for rest and relaxation.

29. A Garden of Rose Bushes

A garden of rose bushes #decorhomeoriginal

The rose bushes in this enchanting garden rise above meticulously trimmed boxwoods.

Winding gravel paths surround a classic stone statue that adds a chic focal point to the landscape.

30. A Charming Miniature Garden

A charming miniature garden #decorhomeoriginal

This miniature garden is filled with stone benches and a central fountain.

A small bridge is set among lush green bushes blooming with white and red flowers.

Coziness and charm in this abstract pattern are at its core.

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