25 Fall Flowers for Pots and Containers To Add Color To The Rainy Season

Fall Flowers For Pots And Containers are the ones that will beautify your home longer than those in the garden because you can place them under the canopy on the porch or on the covered terrace.

25 Fall Flowers for Pots and Containers To Add Color To The Rainy Season #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Thus, they will be protected from frosts during the autumn season.

With flowers in containers, you will have a flower garden for decoration even after the end of summer.

Autumn flowers like cooler weather, which means that care for them is less, as the frequency of watering is reduced on cold days.

To have beautiful flowers even on the dark rainy days, we have collected a collection of the most charming fall flowers for pots and containers.

Aster (Asteraceae)

Aster #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Aster is one of the most common fall flowers for pots and containers, as it does not exceed 100 cm in height and has a rich variety of colors and shapes.

The flowers in which this plant blooms are numerous.

You can choose between white, pink, purple, red, blue, and also their shades.

Apart from being mongoose, aster does not require special care for growing.

It grows equally well in all types of soils.

Although it is an autumn flower, this plant can be placed in a place with direct sunlight.

To ensure a longer life for the aster, regularly remove its overblown flowers.

USDA Zones: 3 – 11

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Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)

Black Eyed Susan #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

This flower begins to bloom when other summer flowers begin to wither, which is a sure sign of approaching autumn.

Its flowering lasts for weeks and forms large flower tables that will adorn your porch with its splendor.

Black-Eyed Susan blooms in yellow, orange to deep red, and brown, but they all resemble the black or dark brown center.

The green part of this flower is covered with hairs that wild rabbits and deer do not like, which makes it a suitable autumn flower for urban and rural areas.

Black-Eyed Susan can be found in both annual and perennial varieties.

USDA Zones: 3 – 8

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Caryopteris #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Caryopteris is a small shrub that reaches only 1 meter in height but can be successfully placed in a pot or container.

It forms a dense crown of leaves with a silver color, which develop mysteriously in a horizontal direction and when rubbed emit a very strong and pleasant aroma.

The flowers of this cute shrub are small, undressed in dense inflorescences with a bright blue color.

The flowering is so abundant that the whole bush is covered with flowers, which makes it an elegant decor in the autumn gray decor.

If you choose this plant for your porch, you will enjoy its flowering from late August to early October.

Caryopteris is a good solution for beekeeping farms, as it is an excellent honey plant and provides food for bees in summer and autumn.

USDA Zones: 5 – 9

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Celosia #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Celosia will be a bright accent in the autumn decoration, which will stand as an elegant ornament on your porch.

This flower captivates the senses with its spectacular and unusual appearance.

Its inflorescences are exotic and velvety, which in elegant courtyards decorate with bright expressive shades.

You can find this plant in both annual and perennial varieties.

Place it in a container with loose soil in a sunny place and protect it from the wind.

USDA Zones: 10 – 12

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Coleus (Coleus scutellarioides)

Coleus #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Coleus is a brightly colored plant and it is extremely beautiful and exotic.

You can find it in yellow, red, white, purple, or mixed colors, and the edges of its leaves are painted in bright yellow.

Thus, it becomes a complementary decor of autumn colors.

This lovely plant invigorates and brings a good mood to every corner in which you place it.

You can easily bring Coleus home during the cold winter months and enjoy it after the warm seasons.

USDA Zones: 8 – 11

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Coneflower (Echinacea)

Coneflower #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Coneflower is a beautiful flower that is found in many gardens, but not everyone knows that it is a perennial medicinal herb.

A drought-resistant plant that blooms for months and does not require special care.

You can come across varieties of its colors such as yellow, pink, orange, even red.

Its flowers are food for small songbirds, so if you choose this flower you will have wonderful sounds around your home.

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Coral Bells (Heuchera)

Coral Bells #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Coral Bells will bring stunning color to your pots and containers in the fall and will fulfill them.

Its colored leaves will electrify the decor of your porch with golden yellow, orange, bronze, and colorful leaves, which are exquisitely streaked with blood-red veins.

Above the leaves rise delicate bells, which are held by colored spikes.

The plant is perennial, so you can enjoy its beauty for a long time.

USDA Zones: 4 – 11

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Goldenrod (Solidago)

Goldenrod #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Goldenrod is a plant with intense yellow color, perfect for the fall season.

Planting it in a container or pot will brighten the autumn decor of your home with a vivid shade.

Most species are perennial, which makes it suitable for growing for a long time.

A pleasant aroma is usually felt around the plant, which also attracts honey bees and other beneficial insects.

Place it in a sunny place on the terrace, porch, or in front of the front door.

USDA Zones: 4 – 9

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Impatiens (Impatiens walleriana)

Impatiens #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Impatiens is perhaps the most beloved and widespread flower that adorns almost any home or garden.

It can be both an annual and perennial plant and can be grown in a pot or planted directly in the garden.

It is quite unpretentious and easy to grow. Its flowering is intense with delicate flowers.

It can decorate your pots in white, red, pink, purple, red, purple, and more.

Impatiens is a very moisture-loving plant, so be sure to water it regularly.

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USDA Zones: 2 – 11

Marigold (Tagetes)

Marigold #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Marigold is one of the most resistant flowers.

Tolerates drought and recovers quickly after watering. It blooms with large round flowers in bright colors.

You can choose between bright yellow, deep orange, golden yellow, and fiery red.

Each pillar of this flower carries several colors at once, which makes it extremely suitable for containers and pots because it fills them with color.

It blooms profusely from early spring to late autumn and illuminates gardens and balconies with its cheerful globular flowers.

USDA Zones: 2 – 11

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Million Bells (Calibrachoa)

Million Bells #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Million Bells is a delicate flower with numerous colors that represent small bells.

This is where his name comes from.

The variety of colors for him is innumerable – white, pink, yellow, red, purple, mixed.

Filling a pot with this flower is absolutely recommended.

You can enjoy its colors both in the summer season and in late autumn.

Some species of Million Bells are cascading and are especially charming in baskets or hanging from containers on balconies.

USDA Zones: 9 – 11

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Mums (Chrysanthemum)

Mums #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Mums are the classic fall flowers not only for the garden but also for pots and containers.

Growing them is not difficult, and depending on the type of chrysanthemum variety, some bloom in late summer and others only in October.

The variety of colors of chrysanthemum petals is from white and yellow through pink to deep dark red and purple.

Potted chrysanthemums reach 30-40 cm in height, which makes them a compact spherical addition to the autumn decor of the porch.

This plant loves sunlight, so plan out the location of the pot.

When it gets cold outside, you can store the containers of chrysanthemums inside, placing them on the west or east window, not the south, so as not to burn them.

So you will have autumn decor almost all winter.

USDA Zones: 3 – 11

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Ornamental Cabbage (Brassica oleracea)

Ornamental Cabbage #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Professional gardeners have long discovered and successfully used ornamental cabbage as an ornamental architecture in landscaping.

It combines unusual shapes, colors of leaves, and different sizes.

If you want to create a bright and delightful autumn decor in pots and containers, you can take advantage of the colorful compositions of decorative cabbage.

Ornamental cabbage is successfully combined with other fall flowers for pots and containers and shows beautifully even after the first snow falls.

Apart from being extremely unique, this plant is very easy to grow and does not require special care.

USDA Zones: 2 – 11

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Oxalis (Oxalidaceae)

Oxalis #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Oxalis is one of the most suitable fall plants for pots and containers.

Its small triangular leaves are painted in dark purple, which makes it remarkable in the autumn decor.

When it blooms, small light pink petals appear, which stand out against the dark background of its leaves.

If you choose Oxalis for your autumn decor, keep in mind that this plant is available as an herb, a small shrub, and there are even small trees.

USDA Zones: 7 – 11

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Pansy (Viola tricolor var. hortensis)

Pansy #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Pansy is a perennial flower with small tricolor petals.

Since ancient times, this plant is a conqueror of tender souls with its tenderness, beauty, and delicacy.

Used for exquisite decoration in gardens, along curbs, or in pots and containers.

This small but impressive flower can be found in meadows, gardens, and parks. Its seductive colors in yellow, white, pink, purple, purple, blue, and even black make it a favorite autumn flower for pots and containers.

Pansy can grow well at home, so you will have an impressive flower at home not only in autumn but also throughout the year.

USDA Zones: 6 – 11

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Petunias (Petunia)

Petunias #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Petunias are one of the fall flowers for pots and containers, which blooms from early spring to late autumn.

Some varieties of this plant are cascading and stand very attractively in baskets hanging on facades and balconies.

For a color, you can choose from a huge variety of colors, white, yellow, pink, purple, violet, red, and many mixed colors.

Suitable containers for petunias are pots, one-color ceramic pots and containers, rattan baskets, and wooden boxes.

The petunia makes a gorgeous spherical shape of the pot in which it is placed when decorated with flowers.

The care for it is a little more, but the scabies of this flower is worth the effort.

USDA Zones: 9 – 11

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Sneezeweeds (Helenium)

Sneezeweeds #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Sneezeweeds is a flower that with its yellow-orange colors reminds us of summer and sunny days.

Its bright colors attract honey bees and butterflies, as well as the eyes of everyone who passed by them.

If you choose this plant for decoration in pots and containers, you will enjoy its color from June to October.

USDA Zones: 3 – 8

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Stonecrop (Sedum)

Stonecrop #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Stonecrop is a type of fall flower for pots and containers, which includes a wide variety of low perennial herbaceous plants with succulent leaves.

It is a perennial and evergreen plant. This is what makes it an extremely decorative look.

This type of plant is quite undemanding to growing conditions.

The plant can live in conditions, in which other plants can not survive, like hot and dry weather, on rocks, and in poor soil.

This makes it easy to grow in pots and containers with almost no care.

It is often chosen for cottages, where watering is rare.

USDA Zones: 4 – 10

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Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis terniflora)

Sweet Autumn Clematis #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Sweet Autumn Clematis blooms from late summer to autumn.

As its property suggests, it has a sweet aroma. Its beauty is really stunning, but it spreads quite wildly and is therefore required to be actively maintained.

If you lose control, it can self-sew and spread throughout your garden.

That is why Sweet Autumn Clematis is one of the autumn flowers for pots and containers, where it is easier to control its distribution.

USDA Zones: 4 – 11

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Toad Lily (Tricyrtis hirta)

Toad Lily #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Toad Lily is an autumn ornamental perennial herb for pots and containers that blooms in orchid blooms after other summer flowers have passed.

Their appearance is very beautiful, exotic, and creates an elegant decor where they are placed.

USDA Zones: 4 – 9

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Verbena (Verbena)

Verbena #fallflowerspots #decorhomeoriginal

Verbena is a beautiful barrel that delights the eye from spring to late autumn.

It is often preferred because of its beautiful and fresh colors.

This flower exists in both annual and perennial variants and can reach a height of 20 cm.

If you choose the color of verbena, know that there are species in white, pink, purple, red, peach, blue, and all their shades.

The plant makes fragrant inflorescences that have the shape of a circle.

In addition to being placed in containers on the ground, you can enjoy verbena in baskets, which the flower will perform in stunning cascading colors.

USDA Zones: 7 – 9

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