45 Inspiring Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Halloween decor ideas combine the charm and romance of the farm style with the cheerful and festive notes of the upcoming holiday.

45 Inspiring Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas

If you are lost in your thoughts on how to arrange the decorations with scary and fun elements, this collection of suggestions for Halloween decorations will help you invite the spirits into your cozy home.

Prepare your autumn flowers in orange, collect the galvanized buckets, stretch the soft buffalo check blankets, harvest the pumpkins and arrange amazing Farmhouse Halloween décors.

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3-D Silhouette Halloween Décor

3 D Silhouette Halloween Farmhouse Mantel Decor Ideas #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Use space in its three-dimensionality.

Do not limit yourself to conventional bats and spiders, but let them fill the air space above the fireplace.

Hang them with transparent wire to the ceiling, using special hooks that you can borrow from the link below.

Scatter the figures in different positions for authenticity.

Next to the fireplace on the floor, place large galvanized buckets with huge fake pumpkins to further add to the festive atmosphere.

via Kelly Elko

Black & White Halloween Display

Black & White Halloween Display #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

In the characteristic black and white shade of Halloween, the celebrations are arranged in a set of scary figures.

Skulls and pumpkins are placed above the charming farm chest of drawers, and above them menacingly jumping spiders of small and large sizes.

The mirror is covered with an image of a skull, which will terribly greet those looking at it.

Everything in this decor is arranged with elegance and style of the ghostly atmosphere.

via House of Hargrove

Black Crow Wreath for Farmhouse Halloween Decor

Black Crow Wreath for Farmhouse Halloween Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Create a scary welcome for your guests at the front door by placing a unique black wreath on it.

The classic white and black shades of the Halloween spirit are the most appropriate ones.

Get a wreath of vine twigs to paint in black.

Complement the decoration with gray glitter stems draped.

Add a black silk ribbon in the center of the top of the gum.

The black raven is the obligatory final touch for the creation of Halloween inspiration.

via A Pumpkin and A Princess

Buffalo Check Halloween Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Buffalo Check Halloween Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The elegant buffalo check pattern design in white and black on the soft pillows, the blanket and the tablecloth are thematically complemented by the antique scales on the table, with the obviously expected date.

Decorating with buffalo check patterns is one of the most suitable farmhouse Halloween decor ideas.

Spooky chalkboard clearly shows the theme of the upcoming Halloween, which is complemented by the black raven below it.

To complete the decor, two banners with hanging black spiders behind the back of the sofa were lowered.

via Our Cozy Cottage

Captivating Halloween Decor Around the Fireplace

Captivating Halloween Decor Around the Fireplace #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

After the black cloth and the typical black and white scarecrows over the fireplace, the focus here is on the non-standard wooden orange elements that provoke the look of the typical pumpkins.

Placed on the floor, they stand out wonderfully and match the orange color of the lit fire.

In order not to be boring in the other corner there is a wooden box with a Halloween-style perfume.

via Sammy on State

Chalkboard and DIY Corn Husk Broom Halloween Porch Decor

Chalkboard and DIY Corn Husk Broom Halloween Porch Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The veranda is one of the most often decorated places for the upcoming holiday, because it is the host for the distribution of sweets.

You can present it in its best light by placing a great decor with an inscribed blackboard with a cheerful greeting.

The charm in this idea is the small meter from Corn Husk Broom, which you can make from dried corn flakes or buy ready-made ones from Amazon.

via Twelve on Main

Colorful Celebration of Halloween in a Farm Style

Colorful Celebration of Halloween in a Farm Style #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

If you are a fan of colorful decor with many elements, you will like this idea for decorating the living room.

The combination of white, black and orange will bring not only style and color to your home, but also the traditional theme of celebrating Halloween.

This is one of the most colorful farmhouse Halloween decor ideas.

The use of buffalo check pillows is complemented by an exquisite “Happy Halloween” sign.

The pillows with perfumes directly fall into the theme of the decor.

To stay true to farmhouse decor, don’t miss the natural dried grains and pumpkins made from hemp rope.

The colorful cheerful part is complemented by the orange color of the large pumpkins, placed symmetrically on both sides of the table.

via The Design Twins

DIY Halloween Door Mat Front Porch Decor

DIY Halloween Door Mat Front Porch Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Invite all the witches to the party with a custom DIY doormat.

This is one of the easiest farmhouse Halloween decor ideas.

Use a standard coconut mat on which to write the message with a suitable template.

Present your porch in a festive decor by placing huge pumpkins and hanging bats.

Wrap decorative cobwebs around them to create the mysterious spirit of Halloween.

Complement with autumn mums for an extra orange color and vibrant texture.

via House on Longwood Lane

DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Halloween Decorations & Home Decor

DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Halloween Decorations & Home Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Designer Rae Dunn with its porcelain cups, bowls and jugs can inspire almost anyone who tries to decorate their home in style and elegance.

You can check out the link below to see how you can get these items to turn part of your home into a Halloween display.

via Hip 2 Save

DIY Upcycled Dollar Store Skulls

DIY Upcycled Dollar Store Skulls #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

For those who do not want to overdo the Halloween decor, but only to hint at its presence, or there is no time left, this is a great way to do it.

Take a look at this project to have an idea of one of the easiest farmhouse Halloween decor ideas.

If you replace the vase with a skull in which to place autumn flowers with the typical orange, you will have achieved the effect you are looking for.

via The Pretty Life Girls

Easy Vintage Inspired Specimen Art for Halloween Decor

Easy Vintage Inspired Specimen Art for Halloween Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

A spider and a color combination in orange is good enough for a noticeable Halloween decoration.

This is the easies one of the farmhouse Halloween decor ideas and it should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to make.

Place a few bottles and some greenery to wrap around the spider, which is skillfully placed as a focal point in a gold frame.

via Little House of Flour

Elegant Halloween Farmhouse Mantel

Elegant Halloween Farmhouse Mantel #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

We can say only one thing about this Halloween-style farm decor – elegant.

This is one of the most elegant farmhouse Halloween decor ideas.

The charm of the soft gentle tones of the furniture is an extremely suitable background for the dark scary Halloween elements in black colors.

What stands out here are the huge black numbers of the long-awaited date, contrasting with the huge white pumpkin, symmetrically placed on both sides of the fireplace with soft beige stones.

The torn mat of black mesh stands dramatically lowered over the fireplace, carrying the captivating Halloween figures above it.

The mirror with a white frame is captured by a flock of black bats, which seem to shrink their nest in the black wreath of vine branches.

The black raven landed on a black wooden candlestick with a pumpkin instead of a candle before entering the cage of the old lantern.

The bizarre messy pumpkins completely fill the space to be successfully added in the decor to the mysterious “Boo” in the middle above the fireplace.

via Blooming Homestead

Fall Porch Décor with Halloween Signs

Fall Porch Decor with Halloween Signs #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Decorating for autumn is the most beautiful when as many elements of nature as possible are used.

That’s why hay bales, some real pumpkins, corn stalks and a wreath of autumn mums in orange are included here.

Pieces of a coffee bag are transformed into symbols of the fearsome “Boo”.

via Our Vintage Home Love

Farmhouse Entryway Halloween Decor

Farmhouse Entryway Halloween Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Suggest in the hallway of your country house that you are looking forward to Halloween.

Put on the armchair with a pillow with a black raven, scary skulls hinted behind rags and hang black witch hats falling at different heights from the ceiling.

Focus all this with a large blackboard with an individual inscription and your hallway will acquire a Halloween charm around the old rustic buffet.

via Desert Decor

Farmhouse Front Porch with Halloween Decor

Farmhouse Front Porch with Halloween Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The decor in this country house starting from the veranda is entirely in the spirit of Halloween.

This is one of the most entertaining farmhouse Halloween decor ideas.

Starting with the scary faces of the white, gray and orange pumpkins, to the scary metal buckets.

Corn Husk Broom majestically fills the height above the steps.

Buffalo check pattern blanket warmly welcomes the autumn mood, and for welcome place a spectacular sign on the wall.

via Big Family Little Farmhouse

Farmhouse Halloween Chest

Farmhouse Halloween Chest #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Inspired by the saying “Trick or Treat”, this farmhouse Halloween décor is a well-made focal point.

An antique chestnut is used, filled with porcelain dishes in the traditional colors for Halloween – black, white and orange.

Above it, decorative pumpkins complement the theme, and artificial black bushes bring some of the scary mood.

To complete the idea, a flock of black bats is scattered, which contributes to the desired atmosphere of the holiday.

via Farmhouse Charm

Farmhouse Halloween Clipboard Decor With Free Printables

Farmhouse Halloween Clipboard Decor With Free Printables #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The spooky mood here is inspired by a combination of several elements.

The main focal point are the pictures with the typical Halloween figures – skulls, a raven and a spider.

Below them, in a typical farm style, are placed a galvanized can with dry branches, a wooden sieve – a tool from the farm work, with a decorative spider hanging on it.

All this is complemented by two asymmetrical white pumpkins placed over a black textile net and an animal skeleton.

The blackboard with the dramatic inscription dictates the mood of the whole atmosphere.

via Twelve on Main

Farmhouse Halloween Décor Minus the Orange

Farmhouse Halloween Decor Minus the Orange #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Even when the color orange is not present in the decor for Halloween, you would still be able to get a scary look in the decor of your home.

Place a piece of pallet leaning against the wall in its natural color and decorate it with a wreath of black feathers.

Complement with black artificial branches, skulls and the traditional “Boo” sign.

via Finding Home Farms

Farmhouse Halloween Mantel Decor

Farmhouse Halloween Mantel Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The frightening “Boo” greeting to your new guests – the ghostly skeletons sitting quietly on the wooden ladder, as if echoing like an echo scattering a flock of black bats over the fireplace.

Some of them slept quietly in a garland over a decorative painting with numerous new bats emerging from the depths.

All of them are perfectly arranged above the scary faces of the gas cylinders, supplemented by galvanized mesh buckets with dried greenery.

via Big Family Little Farmhouse

Farmhouse Halloween Mantel Décor Idea

Farmhouse Halloween Mantel Decor Idea #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The natural farmhouse look of the fireplace with unlined bricks is complemented by a themed Halloween decor.

The white huge pumpkins on the floor contrast with the dark fireplace and are the fulcrum of large black bats.

The broom next to them complements the architecture of the arrangement in height.

Lighted candles mysteriously illuminate the ghostly skulls surrounded by a black net.

Rising bats seem to come out of the fireplace and protect the witch’s socks, with the fearsome “Boo”.

via The Finley Farmhouse

Farmhouse Halloween Porch Décor

Farmhouse Halloween Porch Decor Idea #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Here is an example of an easy, fast and low-budget farmhouse Halloween porch décor idea.

Two galvanized antique buckets are filled with fresh fern greenery.

They are placed by the two doors of the front door, which is decorated with a garland, which openly symbolizes the saying “Trick or Treat”.

The filling of the glass part of the door is with a symbolic wreath of dry vine twigs.

Four black witch hats descend fearfully from the ceiling, overhanging tall pillars of dry corn husks.

And all this is in sync with the wooden door and the friendly coconut door map on the floor with the friendly “Hello” in a farm style.

via The Finley Farmhouse

Farmhouse Halloween Tiered Tray

Farmhouse Halloween Tiered Tray #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

If you have a wooden Tiered Tray in your home anyway, take the opportunity to create an autumn Halloween centerpiece.

Fill it with mini decorative pumpkins, candles, buffalo check pattern fabric, witch hats and scarecrows.

Place porcelain cups and trick & treat items, bat figurines and autumn twigs.

This whole thing will be your Halloween focal point if you place it in the center of the table or in a prominent place in the living room.

via Me and Mama

Glossy Porcelain Halloween Decor

Glossy Porcelain Halloween Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Shiny porcelain, especially when painted in bright orange, will attract the eye, no matter where it is placed.

If you choose to arrange such porcelain figurines on a wooden stand in height, it will become your Halloween place for decor.

You can follow the link below for details on how to get them.

via The Pink Hutch

Halloween Entryway Candy Bar

Halloween Entryway Candy Bar #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Let your Halloween decor include a candy treat.

In addition to all the scary items, add a few bowls to fill with candy as you expect guests.

via Bless This Nest

Halloween Farmhouse Decorations with Mummies

Halloween Farmhouse Decorations with Mummies #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Add variety to the decor for your Halloween farmhouse.

In addition to standard pumpkins, you can invent one made of thick hemp rope and place them in a central element of the table.

Add ingenuity by making scary mummies with wide eyes to watch your guests throughout the evening.

You can make them from prache boards, which you can wrap with pracha gray-white fabric, and you can get your eyes from the nearby shops for buttons and trinkets.

via Milk N Sugar Co.

Halloween Tiered Tray Centerpiece

Halloween Tiered Tray Centerpiece #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Such a natural element of the kitchen can acquire such a strong charming effect when you make it typical for the upcoming holiday.

Put in a tiered tray everything you can think of that would be appropriate for Halloween.

Books, beads, garlands, figurines, twigs, spiders and lots of orange will become the symbol of your table.

Don’t forget a sign with big numbers for the expected date.

via Vintage Magnolia

Halloween Tray for Farmhouse Decor

Halloween Tray for Farmhouse Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Significant vibrations seem to spring from this spectacular Halloween tiered tray.

This is a perfect combination of elements such as pumpkins with ghostly faces, porcelain figurines and cups with text on the subject, bottles of antique glass, mini pumpkins, perfumes and as a final sign “Happy Halloween”.

via Cupcake Country Girl

Halloween Vintage Decor Idea

Halloween Vintage Decor Idea #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

You don’t have to pile up a lot of items to make your Halloween decor.

Take advantage of the color contrast by placing a black raven on a weathered window frame.

Paint a dry twig on a white canvas for a background behind it or let a withered autumn twig stick out, and hang small decorative black spiders hanging on top of it.

Centralize the look by placing two antique books on which to lie a metal stand with a white pumpkin.

via Craftberry Bush

Happy Halloween Farmhouse Porch Decor

Happy Halloween Farmhouse Porch Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The old door and the bale of hay in front of the door skillfully match the farm decor of the porch.

Huge white pumpkins with black satin ribbons are placed on the handles to welcome Halloween.

The black cat in the picture completes the greeting of the scary holiday.

And all this is placed against the background of the ancient milk can and the stone walls of the porch of the farmhouse.

via Craft Critters

Haunted Farmhouse Halloween Décor with Buffalo Check Pillow

Haunted Farmhouse Halloween Decor with Buffalo Check Pillow #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

When we think of Halloween, black bats always come to mind.

And they go great with farm decor in black and white.

Once the mirror is wrapped with a white spider web, paper black bats are glued over it, which seem to take off to conquer the whole house.

The blanket and buffalo check pillow perfectly complement the black and white nuance of the decor in this home.

Keeping up with the challenges of Halloween, two mysterious ghost dolls are mysteriously placed to whisper the hellish “Boo”.

via Styled by Kasey

Neutral Colored Halloween Decorations

Neutral Colored Halloween Decorations #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

In a typical farmhouse style, here the color scheme is followed absolutely precisely.

The natural color of the wooden elements is mysteriously complemented by beige pumpkins and skulls.

The white and black tablecloth is complemented by the remarkable sign with the middle of this Halloween display.

via Sara Ashouri

Redecoratе the Front Door Area for Halloween

Redecorated the Front Door Area for Halloween #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The decor of this porch is a combination of almost all the familiar elements of Halloween.

Starting from the pile of straw with a scarecrow rising above it in a typical farm spirit, we can then focus on the Halloween Topiary in the left corner and peek out the window with the descending black spiders.

Next to all this is a standing skeleton, which terribly welcomes “Boo”.

The next focal point is the door, on which is hung a wreath of ferns with the welcome “Trick or Treat”, and in front of it stands out the mat with the image of a scary pumpkin.

To the right of the door, the gaze stops at the secretly peering spirit over a large pot of ferns. In order not to stop there, we must add that a garland of lights will illuminate this mystery after dusk.

via We Dabble

Rustic Halloween Fall Farmhouse Stairs

Rustic Halloween Fall Farmhouse Steps #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

If your quest to decorate your porch doesn’t involve a lot of scarecrows, this is probably the best option.

Pick a lot of pumpkins in different colors and colors and place them on the steps on the front door.

Complement with beautifully blooming mums in the same colors range.

A big scary face will be enough focusing element for the holiday, which you can remove after Halloween and just stay with a beautiful autumn decor.

Do not miss the wreath on the door.

via Liz Marie

Halloween Porch Decor With Signs

Signs Farmhouse Halloween Porch Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

If you’ve ever thought that your porch requires something special for Halloween decor, then you’re wrong.

A few signs and disproportionate pumpkins can be quite effective in decorating the entrance.

Separate the bale of hay and support your wooden ladder on the porch.

Place the black crows you probably have from last year and scatter the pumpkins on the straw.

You can write the enthusiastic “Happy Halloween” on an improvised blackboard, easily assembled from leftover boards.

Above it, place a sign with a playful message.

Fill the gaps in the ladder with the letters “Boo”.

via House of Hargroves

Silver Pumpkins for Halloween Decor

Silver Pumpkins for Halloween Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Create a glamorous interior element to celebrate Halloween.

You can make these artificial pumpkins by getting ready-made ones or by painting a few plastic ones.

If you place them on antique glass vases, they will stand out at the height of the table.

To keep everything centralized, place them in a silver tray for an extra glamorous effect.

via Better Homes and Gardens

Spooktacular Stairwell Farmhouse Decor

Spooktacular Stairwell Farmhouse Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The place under the stairs is a favorite for children, where they can hide when they are playing games.

It can also be made as a comfortable place to sit by placing a small bench.

Use this place for a scary place that will amaze for the upcoming holiday.

Place comfortable pillows with themed patterns, and under the bench in large letters to see the terrifying “Boo”.

Complete the wall with black bats and a witch’s broom.

via Like 2 Have

Spooky Farmhouse Halloween Mantel Decor

Spooky Farmhouse Halloween Mantel Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The scary decor here is created by the ragged cheesecloth rags hanging over the fireplace and the shelf.

This is one of the farmhouse Halloween decor ideas.

The inscription “Wicked” impressively rises under a pile of white candles of various heights.

The ominous skulls above the fireplace and the pillow emphasize the unnatural presence of ghosts in the interior.

Gray candlesticks with white and black mini decorative pumpkins complement the black and white arrangement of the scary idea.

via Staging with Style by Roz

Think Vertical with Tiered Tray for Halloween Farmhouse Decor

Think Vertical with Tiered Tray for Halloween Farmhouse Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Do not limit yourself to placing figures and pumpkins on the ground for decorating in Halloween style.

Get a Galvanized Tiered Tray to fill with miniature pumpkins, twigs, artificial fruits, dried autumn leaves, ribbons and candies, owls and crows.

Place it at the entrance to meet the candy collectors or at the table, where everyone can reach out to get a treat.

via Priscillas

Transitioning The Porch From Fall To Halloween

Transitioning The Porch From Fall To Halloween #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

If you are one of those who have already made their fall porch decor with very few additional elements, you will turn it into a themed Halloween decor.

To the spectacular buckets and barrels of chrysanthemums, add Corn Husk Broom, placed in height.

The gaze of the owl in the cage definitely inspires scary notes, and the cut-out tin funnel with the face of a scarecrow completes the sought-after farmhouse theme for scarecrows.

via House of Hawthornes

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