23 Innovative Halloween Topiary Ideas to Get Into the Spooky Mood

With these innovative ideas for Halloween Topiary, introduce spooky and cheery vibes together into the decor of your home.

23 Innovative Halloween Topiary Ideas to Get Into the Spooky Mood #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

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Choose from natural or fake pumpkins, candies, ribbons, moss, straw, cobwebs and glittering paints to create a festive mood to welcome Halloween this season.

Place on the porch for the whole neighborhood to see or in the dining room where guests will be staying.

Asymmetrical Pumpkin Topiaries for Halloween Front Porch

Asymmetrical Pumpkin Topiaries for Halloween Front Porch #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The asymmetry of these two oppositely placed topiaries on the porch gives a dazzling revival of the Halloween decor.

The fresh yellow color contrasts with the gray stone walls and gives the entrance hospitality.

To do this you need two pieces of armature and a few pumpkins of different sizes.

Make asymmetrical holes in the pumpkins and string them on the armature.

To be firmly placed as a base, use large pots filled with soil or other heavy material.

You can plant evergreen plants in pots to create a more lively mood of the decor.

Black & White Pumpkin Topiaries

Black & White Pumpkin Topiaries #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

This decor is one of the most elegant Halloween topiary ideas.

Chic, elegant and perfectly themed Halloween topiary.

White pumpkins combine perfectly with silver ones.

Black ribbons and branches mysteriously appear between the elements.

Fearful crows skillfully hold the message of the upcoming holiday.

To add color, add colored candies and bright orange miniature pumpkins.

This wonderful topiary would stand great above the fireplace or on the front door table.

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Creepy DIY Pumpkin Topiary

Creepy DIY Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

These huge scary pumpkins definitely require more space.

If you have a large yard, you can easily be inspired by this project for the Halloween topiary.

Attach artificial pumpkins to large plant pots. Decorate with a garland with shiny orange and black parts.

You can place them on your porch, next to the front door, or near the fence to attract the eyes of neighbors.

Use this project to create one of the scariest Halloween topiary ideas.

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Cute Halloween Stacked Pumpkin Topiary

Cute Halloween Stacked Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

A broken arrangement of pumpkins will make your Halloween topiary more remarkable than the others.

Use small artificial pumpkins to drill so that they are strung at a different angle to the car.

Use a stable heavy pot as a base.

Fill it with something heavy and cover its upper end with artificial moss or bundles of straw.

To make your topiary attractive even at night, put small lights in the pumpkins that can withstand outdoor conditions.

Decorate the corner next to your front door with this Cute Halloween Stacked Pumpkin Topiary.

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DIY Glitter Pumpkin Topiary

DIY Glitter Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

After the flowers bloom, the porch can be quite dull and empty.

To use the empty pots next to the front door you can make this gorgeous Halloween topiary and put in them.

The remarkable thing here is the coloring in shiny colors, which definitely catches the eye immediately.

The synchrony between the colors in orange and dark gray is extremely thematic for the upcoming autumn holidays.

You can also put letters to express your Halloween mood even more.

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DIY Halloween Colored Plaid Pumpkin Topiary

DIY Halloween Colored Plaid Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Use artificial pumpkins to create this spectacular Halloween topiary.

Color them in symmetrical geometric patterns in black, white and orange.

Put real pumpkins around it and large flower pots for more autumn mood and maximum effect.

via The DIY Junkie

Dollar Store DIY Pumpkin Topiary

Dollar Store DIY Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Look for forgotten ribbons, pieces of cardboard, colored paper, paint and other materials that you will need for the making of this topiary.

For other materials, use your local dollar store to gather all the items you need to make this impressive Halloween topiary.

Color the plastic pumpkins and decorate them so that you get a colorful decor.

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Elegant Halloween Pumpkin Topiary

Elegant Halloween Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

If you stick to the refined style even in decorating the holiday decorations, this option for Halloween topiary can give you a good idea.

The perfect elegance is present here thanks to the coloring in three main colors, black, white and orange.

The three pumpkins are painted in perfect patterns that interact impressively.

For a perfect effect, place a themed entrance mat and add scattered small decorative pumpkins in the same key.

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Fall Fruit Halloween Topiary

Fall Fruit Halloween Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the most innovative Halloween topiary ideas.

If you are looking for something creative to create a Halloween topiary, this idea can give you a new meaning for making fall decor.

This unique invention is not only an attractive decor, but also a delicious addition to the festive table.

Use seasonal fruits, twigs and flowers to make the table presence fun and delicious.

For a more festive effect, wrap a garland of lights.

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Funny Dollar Tree Halloween Topiary

Funny Dollar Tree Halloween Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

All the elements of this wonderful Halloween topper can be obtained from a dollar store.

Each pumpkin is pre-colored and decorated, then fastened to each other.

Pieces of fabric, ribbons, miniature spiders, artificial moss can be used to create a unique decor.

Finish it off with a chain to add to the spooky feeling.

via Roost and Restore

Giant Pots for Halloween Topiary

Giant Pots for Halloween Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Out of the ordinary, this topiary is not made of orange and black pumpkins.

Used to white, green and red. This makes it very different from all the others.

Placed in a giant pot and surrounded by beautiful spectacular fall flowers, this topiary is the complementary meaning of the decor of this porch.

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Glitter Pumpkin Halloween Topiary

Glitter Pumpkin Halloween Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The brilliance of these pink pumpkins makes them unique and different from the usual.

To create this wonderful work, you need to get four plastic pumpkins.

To color them, use spray paint that easily covers the plastic.

As a base, use pots that are no longer filled with flowers.

For more texture, place dry autumn leaves under the pumpkins, which you can also paint with the glossy paint.

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Glowing White and Black Pumpkins for Halloween Topiary

Glowing White and Black Pumpkins for Halloween Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

In this Halloween project, topiaries are impressively fun during the day and scary enough at night.

White and black pumpkins contrast perfectly with each other and are effectively placed in a flower box for a solid base.

Use ice lights that withstand outdoor conditions to illuminate the pumpkins for night decor.

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Halloween Topiary Made from Candies

Halloween Topiary Made from Candies #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the most innovative Halloween topiary ideas.

The upcoming holidays definitely include a lot of goodies.

So try to make a few candy topiaries, which in addition to decorating the decor, will be sweet and enjoyed especially by the younger attendees.

Candy topiaries create an extremely colorful and cheerful atmosphere at the place where they are placed.

Use jars, ribbons and colorful candies and small treats.

You can attach them to straws and place in pre-drilled jars.

Hand Painted Halloween Pumpkin Topiary for Porch Decor

Hand Painted Halloween Pumpkin Topiary for Porch Decor #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Use themed paints to make this hand-painted topiary.

Prepare black, white and orange paint to color the plastic pumpkins.

To achieve shine, add gold paint.

Between the pumpkins lay dry autumn flowers that will add charm and texture.

To fill the effect of the Halloween mood, place a topiary black lantern and scatter a few small pots.

How to Make a Pumpkin Topiary with Candlestick

How to Make a Pumpkin Topiary with Candlestick #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

If you need a quick, easy and brilliant mini table topiary project, this guide may be useful.

As a base, use candlesticks that will sit comfortably on the table.

You can color pumpkins in glitter to be the exact center of attention.

This way you will find one of the most creative Halloween topiary ideas.

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Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Topiary

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

This glowing Halloween topiary is not only easy to make, but also perfectly suitable for placing on the porch.

The lamps make it remarkable even at night. The wrapped cobweb adds a scary nuance to the work.

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Lighted Pumpkin Topiary for Halloween Front Porch

Lighted Pumpkin Topiary for Halloween Front Porch #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Cut scary faces into a few pumpkins.

Arrange in a topiary for the porch, using a huge container as a base.

Cover with straw or dried grass.

Paint the pumpkins black to contrast the lights you will put inside.

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Masked Topiary for Halloween

Masked Topiary for Halloween #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Use white pumpkins for this model. Paint the faces of the pumpkins.

Put black masks over their eyes. Use a straw fiber to place under each pumpkin.

Assemble the topiary and place it in a black pot.

The hat on top is the finishing touch to this unique disguised Halloween topiary.

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Mini DIY Halloween Topiary

Mini DIY Halloween Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

This Halloween topiary project is quite miniature and can be placed both on the ground and on a small table on the porch.

Very little material is needed to make it, but its effect is remarkable.

Artificial pumpkins are strung on top of each other, and real and artificial pumpkins are placed around them.

For a more themed mood, a black lantern and a large black broom have been added.

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Spectacular DIY Halloween Pumpkin Topiary

Spectacular DIY Halloween Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

To create this spectacular pumpkin topiary, use plastic pumpkins and a large plastic vase.

To get this attractive look, use colored balls and sequins to stick around the pumpkins.

The resulting luster will turn this topiary into a focal point of your space.

via All Things TARGET

Stacked Halloween Pumpkin Topiary

Stacked Halloween Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

The beauty of this topiary is in its order and symmetry.

The elegant decor comes from the combination of the wicker chair and the soft black artificial feathers in the pot.

The pillows bring the texture and provoke the senses to a relaxing festive mood.

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Welcoming DIY Pumpkin Topiary

Welcoming DIY Pumpkin Topiary #topiary #halloween #decorhomeoriginal

Burner covers (from Dollar Tree) are used to create this hospitable topiary, but round pieces of cardboard or wood can be used.

Paint them with bright orange paint.

To create scary faces, you can use black paint or pieces of black paper from which to cut out the eyes, teeth and noses of pumpkin faces.

Make the signs and place between the pumpkins.

Decorate with green brushes for more texture.

Place in a sturdy large pot and your Halloween topiary is ready.

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