30 Incredible Hidden Door Ideas

Hidden doors in a home are one very practical solution for every problem. If you need more space in your home – hidden doors, you need to hide a room – hidden doors! Today we have got 30 clever hidden door ideas that you will definitely like. Take some inspiration from them and get to work!

30 Incredible Hidden Door Ideas #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

Hidden Wine Cellar Behind A Stylish Bookcase

Hidden Wine Cellar Behind a Stylish Bookcase #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Dexorate

If you make your own wine then you should definitely consider using this idea! For shared moments, or for a personal experience, press the button and explore the treasure of the mellow wine.

Tiny Bookcase Door

Tiny Bookcase Door #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Bookbub

When you feel like disappearing for a little bit, the most comfortable spot is in the hidden staircase behind the bookcase. You can put the most boring books in that specific part of the bookcase where the door is to make sure nobody looks at it!

Basement Staircase Under A Bench

Basement Staircase Under a Bench #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Homecrux

Things, not used on a daily basis belong in the basement, but it is definitely not necessary to see the entrance to the basement. The basement staircase can easily be hidden under a bench with some comfortable pillows on top!

Fake Bookcase

Fake  Bookcase #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Architecturein

Look carefully and you will see that the books are only half their width. However, this could not be seen when you are looking at the bookcase directly. Behind this bookcase are stairs that lead to your secret peace.

An Office In The Living Room

An Office in the Living Room #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via The Owner Builder Network

If you work from home, but you don’t have enough space for an office room, then this idea is definitely for you. Get a table with a top board that can be raised and you are ready.

Hidden Trap Door Inside Of The Kitchen Floor

Hidden Trap Door Inside of the Kitchen Floor #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via wwh.4undes

Do you have enough space for all the foods you have? If not then consider implementing this idea in your home, as it is very useful. You can make this type of door, and store all of your provisions will be in a dark and cold place.

Hidden Room Behind Shelves

Hidden Room Behind Shelves #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Bright Green Door

When you don’t have an opportunity for electric buttons for hidden doors you can improvise! You can place wheels under the shelf-door and just open the door manually.

Hidden Room With A Low Ceiling

Hidden Room with a Low Ceiling #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Dexorate

If you live in an attic space and you have a room with a sloping ceiling then you can definitely make good use of this idea. You can place books on the hidden door and nobody will ever suspect there is something behind them.

Raisable Floor Panel

Raisable Floor Panel #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Civil Engdis

You have a basement, but you don’t want to take away space for a staircase? Then you can use this elevator to lift up your floor panel and just climb down to your basement. This panel moves on rails up and down the wall.

Raisable Staircase Door

Raisable Staircase Door #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Livabl

You can raise your staircase to the upper floor up and unveil your staircase leading down to your basement. This idea is very effective and practical!

Spinning Wall Section

Spinning Wall Section #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via NY Times

With this invention, you can separate a part from your home and hide it from intrusive eyes. You can close it for guests and open it only when you are with your family.

Raised Platform With Mobile Doors

Raised Platform with Mobile Doors #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Bright Side

You can use your floor space to the fullest if you make such hidden storage places right under your legs. You can fir so many things there that you can empty a whole wardrobe.

Secret Door Behind A Rock Texture Wall

Secret Door Behind a Rock Texture Wall #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Diply

You can use the rock texture to hide a door nobody will expect to exist!

Hidden Kitchen Drawers

Hidden Kitchen Drawers #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Iseeidoimake

Your kitchen drawers aren’t enough? You can use the space under them to fit pretty much anything.

Hollow Floor Storage

Hollow Floor Storage #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Teenyabode

Inside of this huge floor compartment, you can put almost anything. Tools, old books, etc.

A Shelf And A Ladder Attic Storage Access

A Shelf and a Ladder Attic Storage Access #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Pinterest

Don’t take away space from your room with a ladder when you can just use your shelves for that. This idea is also very good-looking and makes a great decoration.

Sliding Bookcase

Sliding Bookcase #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Foter

With this sliding bookcase, you can easily separate the bedroom from the living room. Very effective for small homes where one room could be made into two.

Sliding Bookcase Door To The Laundry Room

Sliding Bookcase Door to the Laundry Room #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Pezcame

You can separate your laundry room from the other rooms and make it seem like it isn’t there. This will also reduce the noise coming from the washing machine.

Inside Of The Stairs Storage Space

Inside of the Stairs Storage Space #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Ideasgn

You can use the free space inside of the stairs as a small cabinet. You can place your winter duvets there until next season.

Hidden Storeroom

Hidden Storeroom #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Demian Dashton

The storeroom is necessary for every home, however it always looks messy and unorganized. To fix that we can just cover it up with a secret door in which you can add shelves and maybe even a cabinet with beautiful accessories as a decoration.

Huge Rotating Wall with Shelves

Huge Rotating Wall With Shelves #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Architecture n Design

The whole wall can be turned into a secret door. You can import a bookcase in it or put shelves and fill them with decorations.

Secret Bookcase Door With Decorative Forming

Secret Bookcase Door with Decorative Forming #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Next Luxury

This one is very well hidden as it has decorative forming around it so nobody suspects a thing!

Built-in Bookcase Secret Door

Built in Bookcase Secret Door #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Home Decor University

The built-in bookcase might not actually be what you think it is. Push it slightly in one corner and you will find your way to your bedroom!

Opening Bookcase

Opening Bookcase #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Home My Design

Separate one exact part of the bookcase, that is going to be mobile. That is going to be the secret door.

Trap Door In Floor Leading To Cellar

Trap Door in Floor Leading to Cellar #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Sistacafe

Hide your cellar and only show it to your family and close friends. Go down there only when needed and for the rest of the time, you can forget it even exists!

Hidden Two-Faced Door

Hidden Two Faced Door #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via One Kindesign

Make both sides of your secret door look beautiful, no matter which one you are seeing!

Secret Pantry Under The Floor

Secret Pantry Under the Floor #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Dexorate

If you are lacking space in your kitchen then don’t worry, this idea is perfect for you! If you have a basement under your kitchen, then you could make great use of it. Make a small staircase, put a removable floor tile on top, and you are done.

Under-The-Stairs Hiding Spot

Under the Stairs Hiding Spot #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Bright Side

This place makes for a great hiding spot and it is going to be barely noticeable from the outside.

In-The-Stairs Wine Storage

In the Stairs Wine Storage #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Boingboing

Who said that wine should only be in the basement? This wine storage idea is great and saves a ton of space.

Hidden Drawers Under The Ledge

Hidden Drawers Under the Ledge #hidden door #home improvement #decorhomeoriginal

via Decoratorist

We all have so many small things at home that we don’t know where to hide. But where can we put them? Well, today we are here to answer that question. This idea for hidden drawers is perfect for small items.

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