20 Easy Laundry Room Makeover Ideas (Before & After)

If your laundry room also needs a makeover, with these achievable and remarkable laundry room makeover ideas you can cheer up this place and make your time there more enjoyable.

20 Before and After Laundry Room Makeover Ideas #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

I’m sure you know how long it takes to sort clothes for laundry and how long it takes to fold washed and dried clothes.

And that means a lot of time spent in the laundry room.

In order to be pleased with it, we need to pay attention to its design and decor.

People often ask:

How do I update my laundry room?

  • The easiest way to freshen up the laundry room is by painting the walls in a bright color.
  • Install a utility sink to help sort your clothes quicker.
  • Install a clothes hanger rod on which you can put up the already dried clothes.
  • Add open shelves above the washer and dryer where you will be able to store more clothes.
  • Install wall shelves where you will be able to store most of your laundry.
  • Swap the cabinet’s hardware to add a tiny bit of freshness to the laundry room.
  • Add indoor drying racks which can hold up currently drying clothes.

Aqua Color for Aqua Room

Aqua Color for Aqua Room #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

If you have already bought a new washing machine and dryer, then it’s time to change the laundry room.

Choose an aquatic color for the walls, because it is extremely suitable for such a place.

Place white lockers and decorate the walls with paintings for extra charm.

Flowers are the final touch to decorate the space.

via Walls Under Construction

Compact Storage with Cubbies

Compact Storage with Cubbies #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Do you only have one shelf in the laundry room?

Replace it with open cabinets and place decorative storage boxes in them.

On some of the shelves, simply arrange the detergents.

This will bring order to the space. For greater convenience, use shirt hangers.

via Kirsten Danielle Design

Contrast Colors in the Laundry Room

Contrast Colors in the Laundry Room #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

To make the laundry sophisticated, use contrasting colors.

If your new machines are black, choose white for the walls and cabinets above them.

A few extra black elements, like new wall tiles or just stickers, add extra artistic value.

To be more comfortable, use wicker baskets, which will be useful for messy socks or underwear.

via Emerson Grey Designs

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

If you have a large basement, you can clean it of unnecessary items and turn it into the perfect steam room.

The ceiling beams show a rustic style that you can perfect with an antique sliding door.

Decorate the wall with stone blocks or use wallpaper with the same pattern.

The wooden elements and the old-fashioned sink add an extra antique charm to the space.

Finish with antique sconces and metal baskets.

This looks like and is the most complicated one of the laundry room makeover ideas but it definitely pays off in the end.

via Jenna Sue Design

Easy Laundry Room Makeover

Easy Laundry Room Makeover #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Don’t be fooled that you have to invest a lot of money and effort to turn the laundry room into a friendly and tidy place.

Just one wooden shelf and a few decorative boxes can bring order and beauty to this usually neglected room of the home.

Complete with a beautiful inscription “Laundry” as a finishing touch to the interior.

via Cherished Bliss

Freshness in Every Detail for the Laundry Room

Freshness in Every Detail for the Laundry Room #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

A simple repainting of the walls and cabinets in the laundry room can change and refresh it so much.

The white walls are brightly lit with a modern lighting fixture.

The color of the cabinets is complemented by elements in the same pattern on the wall and floor.

A fresh picture will bring additional comfort to the space.

via Life On Virginia Street

Laundry Room in the Attic

Laundry Room in the Attic #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Do you have no space on the floor or do you just live in the attic space?

This does not stop you from having a nice laundry room!

Use open shelves and suitable crates to keep order.

On the walls hang a large inscription “Laundry” and decorative elements.

Put a double color on the floor to add extra playfulness to the space.

via My Love 2 Create

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

It is easiest to design a washing machine room when it is still empty.

When you bring new white machines into the room, surround them with contrasting dark cabinets.

For coziness and farmhouse charm, place a massive wooden shelf and wicker baskets.

The figural pattern on the floor is the final touch for creating a farmhouse decor.

via Cherished Bliss

More Wood and Charm in the Laundry Room

More Wood and Charm in the Laundry Room #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Arrange the machines next to each other and place a solid wooden top in a natural color over them.

This will give you space to fold and arrange the clothes.

Above it, hang several cabinets for storing detergents and leave room for clothes hangers to avoid creases.

Add some greenery and glass jars for a little more ecological friendliness.

via Gather and Flourish

Old-Fashioned Laundry Room

Old-Fashioned Laundry Room #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

To make the laundry room truly old-fashioned, make a granite floor, a white stone wall and hang antique sconces on it.

The white open cabinets perfectly collect the wire baskets, and above them, the huge jars and the wooden tray are auxiliary decorations for this style.

Also remarkable is the wooden bench with soft cushions, where you can read your favorite book while waiting for the machines to finish their work.

This one can be a bit pricey but it is definitely one of the best-looking laundry room makeover ideas.

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Refreshed and Altered

Refresh and Altered #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Without much extra money, the laundry room can be changed into a very cozy place.

Put colored wallpaper on the wall.

Transform the cabinets by repainting them in white and leaving one with open shelves.

This will make it even easier for you to get to everyday things when you need them.

via Sincerely Sara D

Rustic Industrial Laundry Room Reveal

Rustic Industrial Laundry Room Reveal #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

You can very easily give a rustic style to your washing machine room.

Refresh by repainting the walls in white. Then hang wooden shelves on the walls, using one of them to hang the ironing board.

Choose a brass metal chandelier, and as a final touch, place baskets on the shelves and a “Laundry” sign in a wooden frame.

via The Inspired Hive

Sliding Glass Door for Your Laundry Room

Sliding Glass Door for your Laundry Room #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

 If the laundry room looks tidy and stylish, you do not need to hide it behind solid doors.

Install sliding glass doors.

This way you will be able to see everyone at home, even when you are in the laundry room.

via Hello Allison Blog

Small Details and Better Lighting

Small Details and Better Lighting #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Start with a new paint for the walls, choosing white.

Place a variety of hangers, including an ironing board.

Replace the only shelf with one cabinet and several open shelves. Use fragile storage boxes.

Most importantly, light the room up with a chic chandelier.

via Right Up My Alley

Tidy Laundry Room

Tidy Laundry Room #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Do you love order and cleanliness?

If so, then this laundry room is for you.

All is arranged in baskets placed on open shelves. In order to avoid creases, a hanging bar is placed, on which the delicate clothes can be hung as soon as they are removed from the machine.

via Duo Ventures

Turquoise Laundry Room with Crystal Chandelier

Turquoise Laundry Room with Crystal Chandelier #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Turquoise walls are an extremely suitable background for white cabinets and machines in the washing machine.

The white color stands out and the turquoise gives freshness to the whole space.

To make the place elegant, place an exquisite crystal chandelier on the ceiling, and the additional shelf above the machines can serve as both additional space and decorative ornaments.

Finish with a suitable picture in a turquoise frame on the wall.

via Cameras and Chaos

Wallpaper for Laundry Room Makeover

Wallpaper for Laundry Room Makeover #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Let the transformation of the laundry room start from the walls.

With beautiful wallpaper, you will create additional depth of space.

With one or two cabinets you will create order, and you can use the open shelves for decorative wicker baskets and glass jars.

The paintings on the sides of the walls further enliven the atmosphere.

via View Along The Way

White Cabinets with Turquoise Boxes

White Cabinets with Turquoise Boxes #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Add order and charm to the laundry room by placing white cabinets over the machines.

Leave some with doors and others with open shelves.

Use decorative boxes to assemble the chaos in a pleasant turquoise color that perfectly matches the style of the room.

via Life Storage

White Laundry Room with a Pink Door

White Laundry Room with a Pink Door #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

Such a small space as a steam room is preferable to be painted in light colors and especially in white.

For more friendliness, paint something in soft pink color.

Even here you can find romance, especially if you put on a wreath of fresh greenery or maybe even some candles.

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Wooden Counter in the Laundry Room

Wooden Counter in the Laundry Room #laundryroom #makeover #decorhomeoriginal

People often avoid putting wooden furniture in the washing room.

However, even in the laundry room wooden furniture is still one of the best choices.

Nowadays, there are many types of wooden furniture that can be placed even in wet rooms.

Use the counter to fold clothes or to place necessary items.

This is one of the easiest laundry room makeover ideas as you don’t even have to paint anything, just change the furniture a little bit.

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