30 Amazing Small Corner Rock Garden Ideas

Small rock corner garden ideas are difficult to be well-placed because the corners of gardens are often not noticeable, as the place where they are located usually remains in the shade.

30 Amazing Small Corner Rock Garden Ideas #decorhomeoriginal

However, filling the empty corners with flowers and stones makes the place very pleasing.

There are many small corner rock garden ideas that include many diverse and creative solutions.

It is the corner space that allows for elevation and the construction of a focal point in the decor of the yard.

With the use of different colors, shapes, and sizes of stones, amazing creations can be made in the narrow corner space.

In addition, plants that grow on stones do not require special care and are often perennial.

Your responsibility to them comes down to limiting unnecessary grassing.

  • How to build a garden of stones in the corner of the yard?

You can build a wall of stones, arrange them in beautiful shapes, or form a variety of color contours, and then add plants that will bring the desired color and texture to the space.

Add a Large White Stone Slab for the Background of the Small Corner Garden

Add a large white stone slab for the background of the small corner garden #decorhomeoriginal

In the dark corner of the garden, the easiest way to lighten it is to add a large white stone slab for the background of the small corner garden.

This will create a contrasting look of the place.

This high plate remarkably highlights the wood so that it becomes the main focal point.

The stone wall under the tree adds a sense of authenticity and closeness to the natural.

Try running water on the white plate to drain into a small pond.

There, place water-loving flowers that will fill the finishing touch in the overall design of this creative corner rock garden.

Add Edge Lighting

add edge lighting #decorhomeoriginal

All the gardens are beautiful during the day, but at night they usually go unnoticed.

Place decorative lights on the edge of your garden and light them in the evening.

The shadows created by the plants give a magical feeling, romance, and enjoyment.

Night gardens create longings and a sense of calm.

Add Flowering Wood to the Small Corner Garden

add flowering wood to the small corner garden #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the greatest small corner rock garden ideas.

Make your small cornerstone garden different by planting a low flowering tree in it.

With its flowers towering over the low vegetation, you will create a remarkable combination that will attract the eye from afar.

In addition to looking amazing from the outside, you will create a beautiful landscape, looking from the inside of the window.

Add Large Pieces of Rocks

Add Large Pieces of Rocks #decorhomeoriginal

Placing huge rock blocks in the small corner garden will create the majesty of the place.

Their light color attracts the eye and contrasts with the dark earth.

The plants that peek over the stones soften the landscape and bring a different texture.

Use the rocks to form different geometric shapes for the garden.

Place them in a spiral, circle, or square.

This will visually limit the focus on the small cornerstone garden.

Add Spilled Flower Pot

add Spilled Flower Pot #decorhomeoriginal

Add spilled flowers over the stone base of the small corner garden.

Their colors will move the landscape, bring texture and contrast to the decor.

Choose stones of different shapes and colors to focus on the center of attention.

Add Tricolor Plants in the Small Corner Garden

add two and three color plants in the small corner garden #decorhomeoriginal

Do not leave your small cornerstone garden monochromatic.

Plant tricolored plants, which bring variety and additional decor.

The light shades on the edges of the green leaves open the visual interest and attract the eye.

These tones also soften the heavy grayness of the stones.

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Add White Pebbles

add white pebbles #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the easiest small corner rock garden ideas.

When you decide to design a small cornerstone garden, use white pebbles.

They will distinguish the small garden from the rest of the landscape.

Their whiteness is the most beautiful background for any plant.

When planting the plants, move them far enough away from them so that they can stand out above the white stones.

To be the perfect background, white stones must be the same shape and size.

Arrange Custom Small Corner Rock Garden Shapes

arrange custom small corner rock garden form #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the most creative small corner rock garden ideas.

The personalized shapes of the small stone gardens make them extremely memorable.

This distinguishes them from any other garden.

Arrange with different colored stones to move the look of the garden.

A little fresh greenery and low wood will make its design creative and attractive.

Create Custom Rock Patterns

Create Custom Rock Patterns #decorhomeoriginal

Place huge pots and surround them with white stones.

Make custom shapes that are eye-catching.

White pebbles here surround the pots, wrapping a white ribbon around them.

This makes the garden tidy and elegant.

Create an Artificial Rock Lake in the Corner Garden

create an artificial rock lake in the corner garden #decorhomeoriginal

Use the stones not only to fence your small corner garden.

Build a small wall to enclose a small lake.

Separate a narrow area along the edge of the wall to separate from the water and fill it with soil.

There, place blooming flowers to create a garden.

This corner will surely be remembered by every guest of yours.

Create a Real Stream

Create a Real Stream #decorhomeoriginal

Do not leave the corner of your garden motionless.

Create a movement with real flow.

The bubbling water will evoke a calming mood for relaxation.

The fresh greenery around it complements the stone pieces with their softness.

Create a River Rock Path Around the Corner Garden

Create a River Rock Path Around the Corner Garden #smallcorner #rockgarden #decorhomeoriginal

Have fun making beautiful access to your small cornerstone garden.

This stone river path passes near the garden, taking its owners to a place to relax.

Traveling along with it you will feel the creaking of small stones, and the view you see will caress your eyes.

Make steps out of flat large slabs that are easy to navigate.

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Create a Small Corner Garden of Succulents

create a small corner garden of succulents #decorhomeoriginal

Build a non-standard stone garden by planting succulents instead of the usual shrubs and flowers.

The small size of the succulents will help the stones to stand out between them.

From a distance, this small cornerstone garden looks like a hand-woven rug.

Create Edging

create Edging #decorhomeoriginal

The small corner garden looks separated and tidy if a stone edging is added to restrict it from the rest of the grassy vegetation.

With this border you will not allow unnecessary grassing on the stones and you will get a garden as a picture in a frame.

Create Paver Design Expressed Vertically

create paver design expressed vertically #decorhomeoriginal

This is one of the most awesome small corner rock garden ideas.

Who says gardens are only horizontal?

In this version, the stone mosaic rises vertically, pouring the greenery from the wall so that it merges with that of the ground.

The raised border separates this work from the rest of the space, making it extremely focused and remarkable.

River of Rocks

Create River Rock #decorhomeoriginal

Stones with different sizes, shapes and colors can form remarkable figures.

Light large stones are used to shape the shores, smaller blue stones that mimic the ends of the river and very small gray stones that create the feeling of the speed of running water.

The curved shape of this work meanders among the fresh greenery of small bushes, which gives the impression that we are in nature.

Create Small Fairy Corner Rock Garden

create small fairy corner rock garden #decorhomeoriginal

Create a fairy small rock garden in the corner of your yard.

Add on the mulch stones, small furniture, mini planters, mini bike and mini fence.

If you make such decor in the corner of your yard, your small garden will get its own magical dimension.

Different Palm Trees Over a Stone Bed in the Corner Garden

different palm trees over a stone bed in the corner garden #decorhomeoriginal

The palm plantations with their wide green part skillfully cover the stone base, creating a mysterious background.

Their sharp leaves rise feathery above the garden, and their different appearance makes it diverse and captivating.

Make a Hill of Stones and Greenery

make a hill of stones and greenery #decorhomeoriginal

If you have a pile of stones and dirt in the corner of your yard, do not try to transport and clean it.

Create a beautiful hill of stones and greenery.

This can be your exclusive cornerstone garden.

Add some wood elements to add texture and color.

Make a Small Garden with Colored Rock Flowers

make small garden with colored rock flowers #decorhomeoriginal

Who says that a small garden must be composed of living vegetation.

Create a garden of colorful stone flowers.

This will free you from the obligation of maintaining it, without having to water, fertilize and castrate.

Your care for this garden will be limited to limiting unnecessary grassing, and your garden will be beautiful and colorful all year round.

Mix the Colors

mix the colors #decorhomeoriginal

When creating a stone corner garden, do not limit yourself to one color.

Use different colored stones to form shapes and borders in the garden.

Mixing colors will make it look more impressive and welcoming.

Use contrasting colors if you want to shape shapes and flowing if you are looking for shades.

Plant Feathery Plants

plant feathery plants #decorhomeoriginal

Feathery plants fill larger areas of the garden with their wide greenery.

The contrast between the dark earth and the greenery complements the white edging on the border of the small canine garden.

Plant on Boulders in the Corner

Plant on Boulders in the corner #decorhomeoriginal

It is difficult to plant on the stones, but you can use small stones to hide potted plants to be buried in the ground.

Add lights to reveal the beauty of the garden at the end of the day.

Small Corner Garden Over a Brick Wall on the Steps

small corner garden over a brick wall on the steps #decorhomeoriginal

Separate the corner in the yard with brick walls.

Create stepped walls that contain planted plants.

Use colorful flowers that will stand out over the redness of the walls.

Small Corner Garden with Fountain

small corner garden with fountain #decorhomeoriginal

Place a fountain in your small cornerstone garden. Its height will look great over the small plants and at the same time will complement them.

Its running water can also be used for irrigation.

Allow the pump to remain behind the plants.

Small Corner Rock Garden Decorated with Rustic Details

Small Corner Rock Garden Decorated with Rustic Details #decorhomeoriginal

Make your small cornerstone garden remarkable by adding antiques.

This will make it different from the rest of the decor of the yard and will create an additional mood.

Lay the ground with mulch behind the stone border, because this will make the decor more colorful.

The tall plant in the corner obscures its darkness and refreshes the overall look.

Use Antic Details

use antic details #decorhomeoriginal

Antique jars fill the wall in height, creating a flowing waterfall that moves the view of the garden.

The plants are selected in pink-purple shades to match the color of the wall behind them.

In this way, the small garden looks like it came out of a fairy tale.

Use Concrete Blocks for the Small Corner Garden

use concrete blocks for the small corner garden #decorhomeoriginal

Concrete blocks are great pots.

They are healthy, with the right shape, and their white color makes them suitable for all plants and every corner.

Build a pyramid of concrete blocks in the corner of your yard and plant flowers in their holes.

This way you can quickly and easily create a small cornerstone garden.

Use Different Plant Heights

use different plant heights #decorhomeoriginal

The different heights of the plants in the small cornerstone garden will create a visually creative structure of the place.

Place taller plants in the back to hide the walls of the fence or corner of the house.

The lower ones placed in front will stand out, especially if they are in a more contrasting color.

Limit the space of the garden with stone blocks.

Small Corner Garden on Different Heights

use the relief to create a small corner garden #decorhomeoriginal

If your yard is of different heights, use this idea to create a small creative garden with the help of stones.

It is the stones that will shape the different levels in the garden, and the plants that you will plant around them will bring a gentle texture to the overall layout.

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