35 Adorable Spring and Easter Sign Ideas To Welcome The Season

With the end of winter and the blooming of early spring flowers, it’s time to spruce up your home decor. The brighter and sunnier days of spring bring fresh new colors that we would love to bring home.

We have curated this selection of adorable signs so that you don’t get confused in the variety and to help you choose the best one for you. Here you will find a variety of large signs, and minimalist decors, in a rustic or vintage style.

35 Adorable Spring and Easter Sign Ideas To Welcome The Season #decorhomeoriginal

Some you can make yourself and others you can find online. Most of the signs are for indoor use, while others are protected and suitable for porch, terrace, and front door decor.

Plenty of them can be hung on the wall, others will fit above the fireplace, and others can be placed on the Easter table. Some of the signs are patterned, some of them are plain, and there are 3D and flat ones.

Choose the places where you will place them so that they attract the eye and be the main focus of your spring decoration.

Choose according to the style of your home and according to the rest of the decor.

1. 3D Bunny Sign

3d bunny sign #decorhomeoriginal

Easter bunny signs have always been spring’s most adorable challenge.

This welcoming sign, made of light wood, would fit in both a modern city apartment and a country house in a small village.

“Hello” is in an outstanding white color which makes it stand out and welcome spring.

The sign has a hanging string attached to hang on the wall or a front door hanger.

via Etsy

2. A Happy Easter Sign You Can Make in Minutes

a happy Easter sign you can make in minutes #decorhomeoriginal

In our hectic everyday life, we often do not have time to prepare a large Easter decoration.

But this springtime look is made in minutes.

It can be placed on the wall, under a mirror, in the living room, in the corridor, or the kitchen.

The colors of the letters can be chosen according to the style of the home and be in different colors.

Even placed on the Easter table, this sign will contribute to happy emotions when the holiday comes.

via Mod Podge Rocks

3. Barn Wood Spring Sign

barn wood spring sign #decorhomeoriginal

This spring sign made from old wood is remarkable and attractive.

The contours of the letters form the word spring, and the string slides back and forth between the contours to fill the letters with color.

A different color is used for each letter to suggest the variety of colors when spring blooms.

The banner above the letters complements the color variety of the sign by complementing the texture as it is made from multi-colored pieces of fabric.

It can be placed on a wall, above a mirror, or even on the front door, as long as it is under a canopy to protect it from the spring downpours.

via Etsy

4. Buffalo Check Bunny Sign

buffalo check bunny sign #decorhomeoriginal

The buffalo check design is always welcome!

To make this you need several pieces of fabric in this style.

The rabbit is a shape cut out of the fabric and glued onto a piece of cardboard.

All this is situated in a wooden frame.

For added style, three makeshift carrots are made from the same fabric and are stuffed with cotton.

For more realism, several blades of grass were used.

You can place this Easter sign in the corner of the living room or above the fireplace.

via Etsy

5. Bunny Crossing Sign From Fence Pickets

bunny crossing sign from fence pickets #decorhomeoriginal

Do you have pieces of fence left over from your last renovation?

Use them for Easter decor in your backyard!

This sign is easy to assemble with a few pieces of fence, nails or screws, and some paint.

You can nail the boards freely or perfectly horizontal – it’s a matter of preference.

laced near the front door of the yard, it will bring a smile to any passerby!

via Confessions of a Serial Diyer

6. Bunny Shelf Sitter Sign Spring

bunny shelf sitter sign spring #decorhomeoriginal

These cute little bunnies popping out from behind colorful Easter eggs will make your spring decor cheerful enough for every day.

They are made of birch wood.

Their size allows the sign to be placed in many places in the home, even on the floor.

Complement the background with fresh greenery for an additional spring mood.

via Etsy

7. DIY Happy Easter Wood Sign

DIY happy Easter wood sign #decorhomeoriginal

It’s time to start thinking about your craft projects if you don’t want to miss out on the arrival of spring and the welcoming of the Easter holidays.

With this simple and easy to make sign you will quickly beautify your home.

Made in a rustic style, it will be perfect for a country house.

To make it you need:

  • Premade Wood Sign
  • Chalky Finish Paints
  • Paint Brushes
  • HAPPY EASTER Cut file (or you can use a stencil)
  • Decorative Flower

Instructions on how to make the sign can be found in the link below.

via Crafting Chicks

8. DIY Peter Rabbit Easter Sign

DIY Peter rabbit Easter sign #decorhomeoriginal

The white Peter Rabbit on a purple background is reminiscent of the magnificent bright spring colors.

Glue the wooden pieces with a hot glue gun and bring in the colors with acrylic paint.

You can print the pattern of the rabbit shape and trace it with a pencil on the wooden backing.

Then color the bunny white and write the text.

You can place it on a shelf or above a fireplace.

via Do It All Working Mom

9. DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Sign

DIY pottery barn inspired Easter sign #decorhomeoriginal

This elegant spring sign deserves your attention.

Also, why not get a little creative and create an Easter sign of your own design.

The frame in this case is made of MDF, which makes it for indoor use only.

The text is also not protected from moisture.

The size can also be different depending on where you will place it.

If you choose other materials, this sign will look perfect on your porch.

via See Vanessa Craft

10. DIY Project Wood Easter Eggs

DIY project–wood Easter eggs #decorhomeoriginal

There is so much charm in these brightly colored eggs!

Three pieces of wood measuring two 5 inch eggs and one 6 inch egg were used to make them.

To create the shape, an egg template was pre-cut and cut at the bottom so they would stand upright.

Coloring is done with acrylic paint that dries easily, and the design and colors are selected according to the artist’s creativity.

These fun eggs will add a fabulous detail to your Easter table.

via Typically Simple

11. DIY Spring Sign With Flowers

DIY spring sign with flowers #decorhomeoriginal

Here’s how a more ordinary-looking spring sign can become a charming piece of decor.

A piece of old pallets, some paint and some fake flowers were used to make it.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the flowers to the sign. Choose larger colors to make gluing easier.

Place it prominently in the living room to bring in the spring mood.

via Infarrantly Creative

12. DIY Stenciled Easter Sign

DIY stenciled Easter sign #decorhomeoriginal

The charming shape of the board makes this Easter sign unique.

You can buy a ready-made board, then use paint and a vinyl stencil to paint the text.

Strings placed in several places around the board add texture, color, and a playful impression.

Choose its place in your home and complement it with baskets of colorful Easter eggs.

via The Happy Scraps

13. Easter Pallet Art

Easter pallet art #decorhomeoriginal

One of the easiest Easter signs to make. You need:

  • Pack of wooden pads
  • Wood glue
  • Grey/blue paint
  • DecoArt Americana Light Buttermilk acrylic paint
  • Paint brush

The color chosen in this case is suitable for a rustic style, but it is so gentle that it will also look great in a modern home.

You need to match the size of the wooden pads to the size of the rabbit pattern you have chosen.

via Taryn Whiteaker

14. Easy DIY Wooden Bunny Art

easy DIY wooden bunny art #decorhomeoriginal

What’s charming here is the soft pink chosen for the background of the rabbit’s outline.

Again made from pieces of wood and nailed together.

Orange carrot figures are placed to complement the creativity.

An ideal Easter decoration for the coffee table or above the fireplace.

via Grace And Good Eats

15. Farmhouse  Signs  Spring

farmhouse signs spring #decorhomeoriginal

To make this spring sign you need a digital quilting and printing.

Floral signs complement the words Hello Spring in a charming floral frame.

You can glue it to a piece of wood or make a frame to put the print in.

Placement options are on a shelf or hanging it on the wall if you add a wall hanger to it.

via Etsy

16. Front Easter Porch Décor Sign

front Easter porch decor sign #decorhomeoriginal

This wooden bunny figure sits beautifully at the front door.

The decorative buffalo check ribbon is complemented by the black “blessed” lettering.

The figure is placed on a stand, so it can be placed both on the porch and in any of the rooms of the home.

This elegant Easter sign would charm your guests right from the front door.

via Etsy

17. Glitter Spring Blocks

glitter spring blocks #decorhomeoriginal

Add sparkle to your Easter sign by coloring Easter shapes with glitter paint.

Use several pieces of wood to attach pieces of fabric to.

Place your selected patterns on the fabric and color with different glittery colors of your choice.

Push a thumb tack to secure the fabric to the wooden pads.

Add fresh flowers to spruce it up.

via Crafting In The Rain

18. Handpainted Door Leaner For Easter And Springtime Decor

Hhnd-painted door leaner for Easter and springtime decor #decorhomeoriginal

Here’s an Easter sign that will brighten up your front door or the corner of your porch.

Available in two sizes. The picture is hand painted on a wooden base.

The watering can is a reminder that your garden will come alive again and you will be able to take care of your flowers.

The inscription “Happy Spring” further enhances the mood that comes with the arrival of spring.

via Etsy

19. Hello Floral Spring Door Hanger

hello floral spring door hanger #decorhomeoriginal

This is an unfinished & unassembled item. Offered in parts, the pleasure of finishing it is left to you. What you need to assemble the pieces are:

  • Wood stain and/or paint
  • Glue (hot glue gun, super glue, or E6000 recommended)
  • Paint Brush(es)
  • Rope, Twine or Ribbon to hang

There is not much color in this Easter sign, but it is the volume that makes it very elegant and attractive.

via Etsy

20. Hello Spring Rustic Sign

hello spring rustic sign #decorhomeoriginal

This wooden sign is the perfect way to welcome spring.

The letters have oval shapes, similar to the shapes of spring flowers.

Their white color makes them stand out from the wooden sign, and the green outline makes them look embossed.

Daisies complement the floral texture in a perfect way.

A lovely spring sign for a farmhouse.

via Etsy

21. Hello Spring With Dasies And Umbrella

hello spring with dasies and umbrella #decorhomeoriginal

One of the most feminine spring sign ideas.

The umbrella is depicted in pink, which adds tenderness and charm to the light wood in the background.

White daisies playfully pop above the umbrella, which adds to the mood.

The minimalist raindrops give the feeling of spring freshness.

All this is made in a 3D style on a round wooden base. A perfect sign of spring decor at home.

via Etsy

22. How To Make A DIY Mossy Spring Sign

how to make a DIY mossy spring sign #decorhomeoriginal

The vivid colors of spring are embedded in this mossy spring sound.

The white letters stand out perfectly against the green background.

With this soft green moss, it’s as if the garden is entering your home.

The yellow dot of the letter “I” represents the shining spring sun.

To make it, follow the instructions in the attached link.

Required materials:

  • Unpainted wooden letters, mine are 5 inches tall and are in the Harrington font
  • The frame, the one I found, is 21 inches wide and 9 inches tall
  • Moss mat
  • White craft paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper plate or paint tray
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook flower

via Craft Cuts

23. Large Welcome Sign

large welcome sign #decorhomeoriginal

Here’s an idea for an outdoor spring sign. It is made of pine and then stained in dark walnut.

There is a protective coating on the paint, so you can safely place it on the porch or in the garden.

It can also be hung on a wall or column.

The delicate tulip that took the place of the “I” further spreads the spring mood.

via Etsy

24. Oh Hello Spring Sign

oh hello spring sign #decorhomeoriginal

For this spring sign, all you need is a print. If you can’t print it at home, use your local WalMart/Walgreens/Costco/etc.

For file download link follow the link below. Framing remains your idea.

You can hang it on the wall or place it above the fireplace.

Perfect to add to your home to brighten up the walls after a long, cold winter!

via Etsy

25. Personalized Easter Egg Hunting Sign

personalized Easter egg hunting sign #decorhomeoriginal

We came up with a unique idea for an Easter sign.

The colors used are soft tones, corresponding to the tenderness of spring.

To have this magnificence on the wall above your sofa, you must follow the link below.

Persolization is allowed, but for this you must contact the manufacturer.

via Etsy

26. Primitive Personalized Country Bunny Hand-Painted Wooden Sign

primitive personalized country bunny hand painted wooden sign #decorhomeoriginal

This sign is entirely hand drawn so if you are good at drawing you can easily make it yourself.

It can be hung on a wall or placed on a table.

The bunny is holding a spring daisy and greeting the coming of spring.

The colors are in soft pastel tones.

Suitable for a country house, children’s room, or homes with many children.

The paint on the sign is protected, so you can also use it outdoors.

via Etsy

27. Some Bunny Loves You Easter Sign With Template

some bunny loves you Easter sign with template #decorhomeoriginal

Among all the ideas for spring and Easter signs, we come to a loving bunny.

Its dark blue figure stands out against the sky blue background.

The inscription speaks of the most wonderful thing in the Easter holiday – love.

Finish it off with live flower decor and Easter eggs.

This design is very fitting to be placed in the living room or bedroom.

via H2O Bungalow

28. Spring Decor Word Blocks

spring decor word blocks #decorhomeoriginal

These letter blocks are made in a vintage style and are arranged above an antique table.

The colors are characteristic of the style – brown, beige, gray, black.

One letter even features a rusty little bunny.

Other letters feature buttons and ribbons and attract more attention that way.

All the letters lie on an another block that says “Blessings”.

The impressive look of this decor is distinguished by its amazing style.

via Etsy

29. Spring Door Hanger

spring door hanger #decorhomeoriginal

On this colorful piece of decor you can notice the hospitality message written in the largest font.

Below that you can also see the word “Spring”, which indicates the time for which this sign is suitable.

The colorful flowers are reminiscent of a blossoming garden, all set against a metallic green background.

The neck ribbon adds just the right amount of texture.

A perfect sign to greet the newly arrived spring.

via Etsy

30. Standing Interchangeable Stend For Spring

standing interchangeable stend for spring #decorhomeoriginal

The variety of colors in this spring sign makes it noticeable and cheerful.

Placed on a white background it will stand out and grab the people’s attention.

The shapes are reminiscent of a blossoming garden, and the inscription “Welcome Spring” unequivocally suggests the idea of the decor.

via Etsy

31. Think Spring Wooden Sign Rustic Decor

think spring wooden sign rustic decor #decorhomeoriginal

Set the spring energy with this rustic wood spring sign.

The words “Think Spring” are written on the wooden stand in white to highlight the main idea of the sign.

The chicks are colored bright yellow, which contrasts with the color of the tree, while the hen is in white to match the white lettering.

A perfect spring sign for both an outdoor and indoor setting.

via Etsy

32. Tiered Tray Decor Easter Signs

tiered tray decor Easter signs #decorhomeoriginal

These handmade signs will complement your Easter décor arrangement.

They are made of pine wood and can be ordered in several different versions.

They also have a hanger, which makes them suitable for hanging on a wall or door.

You can scatter them around the Easter table or place them as a banner on the wall.

via Etsy

33. Welcome Spring Sign

welcome spring sign #decorhomeoriginal

In the link below you will be able to download a digital copy of this “Welcome Spring” sign.

Once printed, you can tape it to a piece of wood or stiff cardboard to hang on your porch or your front door.

You can also put it in a decorative frame to beautify the wall in your living room.

via Etsy

34. Wooden Rustic Spring Decor Letters

wooden rustic spring decor letters #decorhomeoriginal

Here we have a “Spring” inscription consisting of wooden letters of different coloring.

Each letter has a hole on the back so it can be hung on the wall.

But placed on a flat surface or on a specifically designed stand, they also add enough beauty to the decor of the room.

The rustic style in which they are made makes them suitable for any country house or cottage.

via Etsy

35. Wood Letters Decorated For Spring

wood letters decorated for spring plus a wood creations giveaway #decorhomeoriginal

These charming wooden letters look so cute and refreshing!

They are made of wood and covered with scrapbook paper.

The delicate combination of light pink and green is complemented in a uniquely feminine way.

These colors radiate the spring light and fascinate with their subtlety.

Glitter and pink crystals are added for an even more inspiring decor.

The small green ribbon completes the look with texture.

The letter “O” depicts a cute tulip topped with pink copper wires for a funnier impression.

via Love Grows Wild

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