30 Lovely Spring Décor Ideas To Refresh Your Home For The Season

With the entry of the spring sunlight through the windows, it’s time for colorful decorations.

The blooming of the flowers adds freshness and new shades to the home space inside and out.

30 Lovely Spring Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Home For The Season #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

Whether you’re shopping or using DIY decorations, these collected ideas will help you freshen up your home.

We are here to help you with the most frequently asked questions on spring decorations.

When should you start decorating for spring?

  • Decorating for spring usually starts around Easter.
  • It is recommended to start with the spring decorations around 3 or 4 weeks before Easter.

How do you decorate for spring on a budget?

  • A moss table runner is the perfect simple spring decoration.
  • Make yourself a vase out of twigs. It adds a very fresh and spring-themed feeling.
  • Choose what type of topiary is good for your taste and cut it the way you want.
  • Tie a DIY burlap bow and hang it anywhere to your liking.
  • Pom-pom pillows are great as a spring decoration and they are also very soft and comfy.
  • You can make good use of your old watering can by cutting out flowers and putting them in it.
  • Find some coffee filters, create some flowers from them and decorate your home with DIY coffee filter flowers. You don’t even have to take care of them.
  • Using branches as a home decoration is a very unique idea and it also looks amazing on any interior design.

How can I decorate my living room for spring?

  • Refresh the bookcases by adding spring-themed colors
  • Grab some potted plants
  • Use fake greenery in spots that are hard to reach
  • Exchange any blankets for lightweight throws
  • Have pillows in different colors but with the same theme

How do I decorate my front porch for spring?

  • DIY some planters. Whether you have a large garden or just a stoop, potted plants let you add a dash of color to welcome all your guests
  • No matter the yard space you are working with, you can always make yourself some planting pots.
  • Brighten the front door, whether you paint it white or any other color make sure there are light colors or/and contrast between colors.
  • Refresh entry door’s hardware, either paint it or get a new one. It’s up to you!
  • Add a comfy seat, a hammock or a nice chair will work perfectly well.

Add fresh greenery to the table

Add Fresh Greenery to the Table #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Country Girl Home

Using fresh green grass is the easiest way to bring life into the home.

This centerpiece catches the eye and sets the spring mood.

You can place it on the dining table for fresh decor.

DIY Burlap Rabbit Hanging on the Door

DIY Burlap Rabbit Hanging on the Door #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Use any board that you don’t use and paint it in any spring-themed color and stick a piece of canvas on it.

Draw a white bunny and stick a pom-pom of yarn.

Tender Flowers Standing on Antique Trunks

Tender Flowers Standing on Antique Trunks #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Meet The McCartneys

Have you found some old and unused trunks after the spring cleaning?

You can turn them into the perfect spring decoration by adding some delicate flowers on top of them and it is going to look absolutely astonishing!

Arrange the Plants and Wreath in the Same Color

Arrange the Plants and Wreath in the Same Color #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Mariana Junqueira

Use your plants in front of the entrance to make a wreath for the door from them.

This will create perfection in the colors.

Complement with bunny and bird figures for extra charm.

A Tiered Stand Makes a Perfect Spring Decoration

A Tiered Stand Makes a Perfect Spring Decoration #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Priscilla’s Blog

Use a tiered stand not only to welcome guests, but also to welcome spring.

Arrange with lots of flowers and great ornaments.

Put it in a prominent place for cheerful spirit.

Bring Colorful Potted Plants Indoors

Bring Colorful Potted Plants Indoors #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via My Rustic Farmhouse

To truly bring the spring season in your home you can grab some colorful plants and put them as a trio for the best looks.

Place them on an old and vintage style table, and experiment with different combinations of planters for the most promising results.

Celebrate Easter with a Bird’s Nest Easter Display

Celebrate Easter with a Bird's Nest Easter Display #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Tutti Guardano Le Nuvole

Welcome the birds with an Easter greeting by making a bird’s nest.

Use braided twigs for the nest.

Put a few painted eggs in it and add small white flowers for texture.

he book butterflies are the finishing touch to this amazing work.

Celebrate Spring with a Lavish Tulip Wreath

Celebrate Spring with a Lavish Tulip Wreath #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Etsy

Welcome spring with a lavish wreath of colorful tulips.

This wealth of colors will not go unnoticed. Use fake flowers for a longer-lasting decoration.

Cheerful Mantel Decor

Cheerful Mantel Decor #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Dining Delight

Even if the nights are still cold and you ought to light the fireplace, call for spring with some beautiful letter banners.

Emphasize the release of the season with greenery, eggs, lanterns and bunnies.

Finish the decoration with a wreath over the fireplace.

Create Colorful Floral Outdoor Display

Create Colorful Floral Outdoor Display #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Woo Home

When all the flowers in the garden bloom, collect a lush bouquet of all kinds and place it in a prominent place in front of the entrance.

Complement with painted Easter eggs on braided nest twigs.

Finish with pieces of fabric for a finishing touch.

DIY Centerpiece with Roses

DIY Centerpiece with Roses #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via For Creative Juice

Create a floral centerpiece with just a little bit of effort. Use a wine glass and artificial rose buds.

Glue them on a stereopore ball to make a rich bouquet.

This decor can stay in your home for other seasons too.

Farmhouse Spring Décor with Mason Jars

Farmhouse Spring Decor with Mason Jars #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Etsy

If you have a country house where you like to enjoy spring, this decor with mason jars is really suitable.

When the flowers bloom in your garden, choose bouquets and hang them on the wall in jars.

Create a background for them from old pieces of boards and iron hangers.

Festive Floral Wreath with a Monogram

Festive Floral Wreath with a Monogram #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Etsy

Show the charm of the combination of these materials – a wooden monogram, hemp ribbon, braided twigs and bright tulips.

If your front door is dark, this elegant wreath will stand out and enhance the look.

Colored Eggs Inside of a Vase

Colored Eggs Inside of a Vase #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Use a large glass container to place your painted eggs.

Choose flowers with large flower buds that you can add to the pot.

This way you will quickly achieve the right decoration for the dining room.

Floral Mason Jar Centerpiece

Floral Mason Jar Centerpiece #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Etsy

If you want to achieve this design, use an old cabinet drawer to reshape it in a soft blue color.

For the jars, use milky white paint and give them a charm with hemp strings.

The soft color of the flowers complements the delicate radiance of this charming table centerpiece.

Flowers and Eggs Centerpiece

Flowers and Eggs Centerpiece #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Mamie Titine

When we think of the spring season, pictures of eggs and colorful things always come to mind.

Combine snow-white eggs with multicolored flowers and create a centerpiece that will look extravagant and elegant on the table.

Place the eggs in a wire basket to be the contrasting base of the bouquet.

Milk Crate Floral Display for Celebrating Spring

Milk Crate Floral Display for Celebrating Spring #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Shabby French For Me

Maybe you can still find an old milk jug to use for retro decor.

Put glass cups in it, and in them place ash-pink and snow-white flowers.

It’s amazing how much beauty radiates here.

Rabbit Mason Jar Favors

Rabbit Mason Jar Favors #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Happiness is Homemade

Cut bunny shapes out of colored paper or, for convenience, use a sticker and attach to the jars.

Fill with candies and do not forget the lace under the lid – a symbol of a home-made surprise.

Rustic Mason Jar String Art

Rustic Mason Jar String Art #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Ejka

String art can be applied even in the making of spring decor.

You can make this design with just a few nails and a wooden plank.

Add delicate flowers to give more femininity and attractiveness.

Teacup Bird’s Nest Decor

Teacup Bird's Nest Decor #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Zurnal+

The symbolism of this decor is for the revival of life in the spring.

Place a minimalist nest and a medium bouquet of spring flowers in a teacup and welcome the start of spring.

Umbrella with Flowers

Umbrella with Flowers #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via This Grandma is Fun

Do not throw away the old unnecessary umbrella, but turn it into a spring decoration.

In this way you will give uniqueness in welcoming spring and the accompanying holidays.

Use Pom-Pom Branches to Decorate Your Home

Use Pom-Pom Branches to Decorate Your Home #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Wayaiulandia

Create a bouquet that creates the feeling of colorful large eggs.

Choose twigs from the garden and stick colored yarn pompoms on them.

Place in a transparent vase next to a white wall for the absolute best results.

Vase with Floral Branches

Vase with Floral Branches #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via A Cultivated Nest

Use flowering tree twigs instead of flowers.

Choose a tree with flower petals and place in a larger vase or jar.

This bouquet will stand elegantly both above the fireplace and on the floor.

Vintage Candlesticks with Flowers

Vintage Candlesticks with Flowers #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Artesanato Decor e Culinaria

Vintage candlesticks bring a romantic spirit to the premises.

If you put flowers in them instead of candles, you will add extra tenderness to the decoration.

Combine pastel flowers to contrast with soft white.

Watering Can with Flowers

Watering Can with Flowers #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Deavita

Placing a wreath on the front door is a message to welcome the new season or holiday.

To be original this spring, use an old metal watering can in which to place a bouquet of spring flowers and egg shells.

Add water to it to keep the plants fresh for a longer time.

Welcome Easter with a Bunny Wreath

Welcome Easter with a Bunny Wreath #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Etsy

Send a spring message with this amazing wreath in the form of a bunny.

The white cotton balls give off a nice texture to the branches.

Tie a colorful bow for a cozy spring feeling.

Welcoming Entryway in Countryside Style

Welcoming Entryway in Countryside Style #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Confessions of a Plate Addict

Place seasonal ornaments right at the front door.

Arrange with fresh tulips, eggs (preferably fake) and fresh greens.

Make your front porch acquire that nice, warm, spring feeling!

Wreath made from Tulip and Moss

Wreath Made From Tulip and Moss #spring #decor #decorhomeoriginal

via Deavita

Use contrasting colored tulips, such as white and purple.

Make a wreath of twigs, which you wrap with pieces of faux moss.

On a white window or door it stands very elegantly.

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