25 Lovely Spring Farmhouse Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Second To None

Farmhouses are the most suitable for spring décor because of how ‘down to nature’ they look and how well they fit the season.

They give off a unique feeling of warmth and comfort, while also being incredibly beautiful.

25 Lovely Spring Farmhouse Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Second to None #decorhomeoriginal

Choose the materials that the vases, tables, and other décor are made of.

Choose wooden, metal and wool elements that suit the interior of a country house.

Check out these 25 spring farmhouse decor ideas to consider when transforming your home!

1. Spring Farmhouse Décor Idea With Touch Of Pink

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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The light wood of the furniture radiates charm and coziness.

To make this place look magical, large bouquets of pink spring flowers have been brought in.

One bouquet is placed on the table, making it the central focus.

The other bouquet is placed in wicker basket that fits wonderfully into this lovely farmhouse room.

The basket adds texture and complements the decor.

Its casual placement on one of the chairs playfully adds to the cheerful mood in the home.

2. Trough Filled With Tulips

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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If you have such a side table in your living room, the spring decor of the room can be very easily achieved.

It is enough to find an old trough to fill with flowers.

Place it on the table and fill it with tulips.

Choose different colors to highlight the beauty of the coming spring.

3. Soft Wool Pillows In The Shape Of Easter Bunnies

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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Soften the corner of the sofa with multiple pillows and try to make some sort of connection between them.

Just like these bunnies and carrots.

Even though the color scheme here doesn’t really have a particular season in mind, the figures of the pillows represent the spring holidays well enough.

Use soft white wool or hemp fabric for the material.

Add a natural wool bag and decorate with sprigs of blossoming fruit trees.

4. Farmhouse Spring Tablescape

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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The arrival of spring is marked not only in the decor on the walls, the door and the walls.

Spring also comes through the table decor.

Add a basket of blossoming spring twigs in the middle of it.

Use dinnerware with colorful spring patterns.

Scatter sprigs between plates and enjoy the springtime experience as you eat.

5. Baskets And Flowers In Farmhouse Spring Decor

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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Welcome the arrival of spring in every corner of your farmhouse home.

Fill the baskets with greens. Place fresh spring flowers in the vases on the shelves.

Use plates with spring patterns. You can even welcome the arrival of spring by using floral print towels.

Throw them on the hangers next to your vintage cabinets and let the spring mood enter your home.

6. Garland Of Roses

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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Create a gentle spring inspiration by placing a garland of roses in front of the TV.

This is a place that everyone notices and you will easily guess the spring mood.

Use wooden ladders to place on either side of the TV.

Use them for shelves that can hold more fresh greens.

On the walls, hang metal containers that perfectly fit into the farmhouse decor.

Fill them with bouquets of flowers.

Complete the living room with a couple more yellow accents to hint at the coming brightness of the warm sun rays.

7. Spring Farmhouse Morning

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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Bring the spring mood into your home in the morning by placing fresh bouquets next to your home coffee machine.

When the aromas of the morning coffee and flowers mix together you will love it!

You can sit on the comfortable armchair while you drink your coffee and relax.

8. Spring Farmhouse Kitchen

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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Surely every kitchen is cluttered with dishes, plates, glasses, but you can always find a small place for a bouquet of flowers.

To match the farmhouse decor, you can place the flowers in a large porcelain jug.

If you have live herbs, place the pot in a basket or china pot.

This will make this corner even more cozy and attractive.

9. Spring Farmhouse Centerpiece With Roses And Candles

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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The table as a central element in the room can become a wonderful decor for welcoming spring.

To be in sync with the farmhouse decor, you can use an old glass bottle to serve as a vase.

A few roses placed in it will refresh and beautify the atmosphere.

If a wicker basket is placed under it, it will become an even better centerpiece.

You can add several wide candles of different heights to the basket.

Choose the color of the candles according to the color of the roses for a spectacular addition.

10. Easter Farmhouse Inspiration

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

via theredheadedfarmgirl

Porcelain jugs, wooden troughs, wire baskets – all these are typical elements of rustic home decor.

And when we talk about welcoming spring, their selection comes down to the shapes of the decorating elements.

A wire basket in the shape of a hen can make your decor amazingly attractive and intriguing.

Placing eggs in it indicates the approaching bright spring festival.

Add a porcelain jug with white tulips and your spring farmhouse décor is ready.

11. Tulips Explosion

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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There is so much elegance in tulips and so much freshness.

Welcoming spring comes with the charm that early blooming tulips give us.

And when flowers are abundant, all the freshness of the season enters the home.

Sometimes it’s enough to place the flowers in vases or stylish porcelain jugs, but if you fill the entire sink with them, you’ll get a clear sign of the home’s rooster theme.

12. Euphoria Of Daffodils In A Farmhouse

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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The yellow color of daffodils makes the room shine as if the spring sun has entered through the windows.

The three voluminous porcelain vases with blue elements serve as a central focus, complementing the look of the daffodils.

This table filling brings coziness and appeal.

The two wreaths of fresh greenery and yellow flowers on the wall complete the overall look of the dining room.

The porcelain dinnerware is in the same style as the vases, and the placemats remind of the rustic spirit of the decor.

A wicker armchair is completely in this style, and a soft bright yellow pillow brings the necessary texture and softness to the interior.

13. Spring Farmers Market

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

via countryside.home.decor

If your vintage dresser looks desolate in early spring, it can easily become a centerpiece of spring farmhouse decor.

Collect galvanized buckets, a wooden crate, metal vessels with vintage emblems and place them on the chest of drawers.

A vertical architecture can be created between the elements through various racks and crates.

Different plants, greenery and bouquets of spring flowers are placed in each container.

Complete the look by wrapping the pots in shiny paper and tying ribbons for subtle texture.

All of this turns an empty vintage dresser into an elegant springtime farmer’s market.

14. Spring Farmhouse Fresh Flower Market

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

via countryside.home.decor

Create your own flower market.

Use any available metal buckets and containers to place bouquets of fresh spring foliage and flowers.

Gather the dishes in one place and place a spring sign for additional wall decor.

15. Simple Spring Farmhouse Décor Idea

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

via rustling_pines_farmhouse

You don’t have the time, you don’t have the idea, you don’t have the opportunity?

Here’s a simple and quick way to bring a spring mood to your farmhouse.

The wide cutting board from the kitchen can serve as a stand.

Lift it on two slats and place it on the table. Place a jar of spring flowers on it.

Add a wooden or fabric bunny and carrot figurine.

Fill the board with vintage books. Light a candle to add softness and warmth to the decor.

16. Lilac To Welcome Spring

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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The lilac with its wealth of small flowers gives variety and liveliness around it.

And its aroma can conquer the whole house. Place a rich bouquet of purple lilac in the center of the table.

To make it even more colorful and charming, add white roses.

Let it all contrast with the wooden dishes on the solid wood table.

Complete the farmhouse decor with a vintage bottle, books and neglected spice pots for a real farmhouse touch.

17. Old Gold And Roses

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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Brass elements in country houses add a quiet glow to the interior.

Such a basket and a bunny figure become a central element in the decor.

Complete with some eggs in the basket and porcelain and wooden figures.

Place white roses for contrast. For a final touch, place it all in an attractive antique wooden trough in the center of the table.

18. A Wealth Of Textures And Spring Flowers

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

via home.made.lovely

This wealth of textures stuns with the softness and comfort it exudes.

The fluffy carpet is the base on which lie the attractive wooden table and the sofa filled with comfortable cushions.

In the corner, the antique ladder serves as a hanger for the exquisitely made woolen blankets.

All this stands against a dark wall decorated with an inscription plaque.

Below her is a richly made garland of roses.

The two table lamps complete the symmetry in this lovely spring farmhouse décor idea.

Use the softness of home textures and the freshness of spring flowers to create a cozy welcome to the season.

19. Spring Farmhouse Sign

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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A welcome sign for the arrival of spring can easily be purchased ready-made or made by yourself.

But setting it up at home requires a little more effort.

Create an eye-catching corner on a shelf made of raw wood.

You can put a large bouquet of tulips in a basket and hang it on an old window frame.

A few vintage candlesticks on the side will add charm, and a decorative lantern can be filled with fresh greenery.

For the finishing touch, add your family’s letter as a signature to this entire décor piece.

20. Bunny Trail Sign

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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Almost everything in spring decor comes down to welcoming the Easter holidays.

Therefore, in addition to bouquets of tulips, many bunny figures are often seen.

Decorate the table by placing a wooden basket in which to arrange it all.

Use something like a candle holder to hang the Easter eggs, a bouquet in a porcelain jug and a bunny trail sign.

This playful decoration evokes smiles and a sweet mood.

21. Spring Farmhouse Fireplace Decor

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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The fireplace is usually the central focus in the room.

Therefore, decorating around it is often a major task.

Just like you put up decorations for Christmas, you can put up seasonal flowers and elements to welcome spring.

The stone background that comes from the material of the fireplace is softened by adding bouquets of fresh flowers, bunches of greenery, decorative thematic figurines.

Add metal candlesticks and pots to match the farmhouse interior.

22. Spring Farmhouse Candy Decor

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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Candy is not just a Christmas decoration.

Their variety of colors and their light tones make them extremely suitable for spring decor.

Place them in a clear container to fill with a bouquet of pink purple tulips.

This bouquet will be in sync with the candy.

Place all this in a wicker tray and add vintage books, a candle holder and a porcelain candy bowl.

This way you will achieve a variety of details that suggest spring farmhouse decor.

23. Spring Front Door Decor

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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The front door should always match the season.

Invite spring to your home with a greeting at the entrance.

A wicker basket can easily be hung on the door. Fill it with a lush bouquet of tulips.

Add a ribbon for a finishing touch.

24. Soft Spring Farmhouse Touches

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

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A small pillow brings so much coziness and softness to the decor.

The plain and simple print on it subtly suggests the theme.

Place a small vase next to a lush bouquet of greenery and you will have the sought-after spring decor.

25. Spring Farmhouse Porch Décor Idea

spring farmhouse decor ideas #decorhomeoriginal

via countryside.home.decor

The exterior of the home also requires decorating.

When it comes to the porch, elements of farmhouse decor can easily be added.

These can be bouquets of yellow daffodils in a metal basket, yellow tulips in a clay vase and complemented by yellow pillows and a tablecloth.

For a wonderful evening delight, add candles.

The wooden lantern elegantly completes the theme of the decor.

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