22 Fascinating Spring Tablescapes To Captivate The Season

When we say goodbye to the Christmas decor and put away the tree, our home seems to become empty.

The rooms look boring and soulless.

To bring your home back to life, let’s tackle spring decorating.

22 Fascinating Spring Tablescapes To Captivate The Season

The table is the biggest center of attention in most rooms, so let’s start with its spring decoration.

The easiest way to decorate for spring is to bring in flowers.

Flowers are the main element in spring decoration.

1. Spring Inspiration On The Table With Blue Hydrangeas

Spring Inspiration On The Table With Blue Hydrangeas #decorhomeoriginal


Hydrangeas perfectly fill the table space with their large and rich colors.

Raise the vase on a higher stand to focus attention on the beautiful blue flowers that match with the dishes.

The wooden stand behind the vase and the chairs contrast with the blue color and make the flowers stand out.

The placemats also soften and add texture to this inviting tablescape.

2. Tablescape In Radiant Yellow

Tablescape In Radiant Yellow #decorhomeoriginal


The color yellow is associated with the brilliantly illuminating sun, which begins to warm the earth in the first days of spring.

Yellow flowers were chosen for this table to bring the sun’s energy inside the home.

The dishes are in sync with the flowers, and the contrast comes from the additional greenery and green glasses.

Pink napkins bring texture and softness to the entire look of this spring tablescape.

3. Spring Tablescape With Lots And Lots Of Flowers

Spring Tablescape With Lots And Lots Of Flowers #decorhomeoriginal


This spring tablescape is so gently captivating, it seems straight out of a fairy tale!

The main background is in white, which comes from the soft tablecloth and the soft upholstery of the chairs. It is against this background that three huge bouquets of sky blue and yellow hydrangeas stand out, combined with yellow and pale pink roses.

They are complemented by two smaller bouquets in the same style.

The flowers are placed in vases made of rattan material, which makes them seem more natural.

The mats under the plates have a lace shape, which brings space and transparency.

The rose glass candle holders are matching with the glasses and the crockery has spring ornaments, which further implies the theme of this tablescape.

4. Spring Tablescape With Flowers And Strawberries

Spring Tablescape With Flowers And Strawberries #decorhomeoriginal


The combination of flowers and strawberries here is what makes this tablescape unique.

Underneath the large bouquet of spring flowers are colorful strawberry decorations made of soft plush fabric.

Scattered between them are colorful candies that also spark the appetite.

The dark shade of the plates complements the porcelain vase filled with fresh spring flowers.

This tablescape can look great both indoor and out in the backyard.

5. Tablescape In Spring White

Tablescape In Spring White #decorhomeoriginal


Combine white and sky blue porcelain to bring spring light to the table.

Fill large white porcelain vases with blue and pale yellow hydrangeas and white tulips.

Contrast with the soft colors of red carnations.

Don’t forget to light white candles for extra coziness and softness.

Use ribbons to add texture to the interior.

6. Orchids In A Spring Tablescape

Orchids In A Spring Tablescape #decorhomeoriginal


Orchids are not spring flowers, but you can use their fine structure and delicate colors as a centerpiece in your spring tablescape and welcome spring before it arrives.

Place them in the center of the table and serve in green floral plates.

The combination of colors in purple, pink, green and the wooden table make this spring table attractive and charming.

7. Spring Tablescape With Roses

Spring Tablescape With Roses #decorhomeoriginal


Emphasize the arrival of spring with lots of roses on the table.

Place them in several vases close together and combine the flowers with the green of the ferns.

Complete the decor with patterned napkins in the same color range as the roses.

Put a soft base on the plates for texture.

The cover in this case is redundant, as the table creates a naturalistic backdrop to this spring tablescape.

8. Spring Tablescape With Flowers And Fluffy Notes

Spring Tablescape With Flowers And Fluffy Notes #decorhomeoriginal


As winter begins to give way to spring, the days are still cool and short.

The fluffy surface of the chairs paired with a soft tassel tablecloth and fringed napkins complements the softness in the interior.

If possible, use spring-themed porcelain plates.

Place fresh spring flowers in the center of the table, which will gently hint at the coming change of seasons.

9. Romance In A Spring Tablescape

Romance In A Spring Tablescape #decorhomeoriginal


Spring evenings can be filled with romance.

Amidst the scent of fresh spring flowers on the table, add thin candles that will add coziness to your spring tablescape.

Choose flowers with pale colors and place them in dark glass vases.

This way you will create a contrast where the spring mood will stand out on the table. Use a soft tablecloth and napkins for added texture.

10. A Spring Tablescape With White Roses And Lacy Perfection

A Spring Tablescape With White Roses And Lacy Perfection #decorhomeoriginal


Place pale roses in a large glass vase and small bouquets in little vases.

Combine with lace porcelain that perfectly fits the shapes of the roses.

The abundance of different colors makes the roses the main focus in this spring tablescape.

Gold is the finishing touch to this elegantly arranged table with its soft and stylish sheen.

11. Elegant Tablescape With White Peonies

Elegant Tablescape With White Peonies #decorhomeoriginal


If your table is made of dark wood, use white peonies to make your spring tablescape.

These colors will contrast and bring elegance and balance to your decor.

To soften the look, you can look for porcelain bowls in the shape of flowers, which will complement the delicacy of the peonies.

Glass cups and vases create space and transparency.

Complete the look with sprigs of flowering fruit trees around the vases.

Place a long tablecloth in green that the vases will sit on.

A lantern and metal containers of live greenery complete the focus and centralize the look of this elegant spring tablescape.

12. Floral Centerpiece

Floral Centerpiece #decorhomeoriginal


If you don’t have time for lavish spring decorations, you can simply place a large bouquet of fresh spring flowers in the center of the table.

The vase with the flowers will become the main focus and brighten up your table with a spring mood.

Use flowers in contrasting colors against the main background to create the centerpiece of the decor.

Combine with delicate white porcelain and crystal glasses for transparency.

Add thin candles to add a gentle romance to the atmosphere.

13. White Softness And Golden Sparkles

White Softness And Golden Sparkles #decorhomeoriginal


The coziness that comes from the wooden table is complemented by the knitted dishes with white ribbons.

The softness is created by the white hydrangeas, situated in one large and two small bouquets.

The shine of the gold cutlery makes the table seem fascinating and elegant.

Thin candles in glass candle holders complement the small vases and create vertical texture but are also transparent so the don’t block your vision when you are sitting.

Combine with spring-themed dishes to enhance the spring mood.

14. Pink Opulence

Pink Opulence #decorhomeoriginal


If after the white and boring winter you are looking for a color contrast, try pink.

Its brightness, tenderness and softness bring an irresistible spring mood.

Place pink placemats, pink plates and glasses.

Complete with a porcelain vase with rose decorations and fill it with white and pink flowers.

You can also complement all the pink with a contrasting green.

Place on a patterned tablecloth of the same tonality and indulge in spring enthusiasm.

15. Spring Tablescape In Soft Tones

Spring Tablescape In Soft Tones #decorhomeoriginal


The harmony of all spring colors that nature has created inspire us to bring them home.

You can create this spring tablescape by placing a patterned tablecloth in the soft tones of green and pink, similar to the previous tablescape.

Use matching glasses and colored china for the dishes.

For contrast and coziness, place fresh flowers in a white porcelain vase in the center of the table.

16. Live Hyacinths For A Spring Tablescape

Live Hyacinths For A Spring Tablescape #decorhomeoriginal


Vivid flowers best show the blooming of spring.

And why not put them on the table?

Choose vibrant spring flowers that will color match your dining set.

Place the flowers in the center of the table and decorate with matching napkins.

Tie them with ribbon for added texture and playful decor.

17. Yellow And Purple Notes In A Spring Tablescape

Yellow And Purple Notes In A Spring Tablescape #decorhomeoriginal


The yellow-purple colors of spring are a contrasting combination that boldly brings a fresh mood to the table.

This tonality is preserved in this exquisite tea set.

Fresh flowers in the jug complete this spring perfection and add softness.

Fresh flowers are also placed in small bowls for additional decor.

The light green tablecloth is the perfect spring backdrop for this charming tablescape.

18. Extravagant Set With Tulips

Extravagant Set With Tulips #decorhomeoriginal


Extravagant dinnerware is always charming and attractive.

Their uniqueness announces a strange and comfortable harmony.

If you have such awesome crockery, complete this fairy tale by adding delicate tulips.

They will bring extra magic to your spring table.

Pair solid colored tulips with heavily encrusted flatware to create the sought-after symmetry.

19. Spring Euphoria In Purple And Green

Spring Euphoria In Purple And Green #decorhomeoriginal


The balance between purple and green is an inspiring spring accent.

This ratio between colors brings harmony and charm.

Lay a tablecloth with a green background and add purple spring flowers for fresh loveliness.

Bring smiles with fun candlestick shapes.

Place yellow thin candles to soften the color scheme.

20. Chic Pink With Tulips

Chic Pink With Tulips #decorhomeoriginal


Tulips are one of the most elegant spring flowers with their delicate blooms.

Combine a large bouquet of pale pink tulips with a pastel blue tablecloth and crockery in the same range.

Choose colored glasses for a chic shine.

Don’t underestimate the look of the cutlery.

Let them also be in harmony with the overall landscape of the spring table.

21. Hyacinths With Soft Ribbons

Hyacinths With Soft Ribbons #decorhomeoriginal


Hyacinths are one of the earliest spring flowers.

Bring in the early sunshine with these colors on your spring tablescape.

Tie fabric ribbons that will bring a soft texture to your project centerpiece.

Place the flowers on fine china plates and enjoy this spring inspiration.

22. Spring Bloom Inspiration

Spring Bloom Inspiration #decorhomeoriginal


Bring life to the table with brightly blooming spring plants in pots.

Place a large container and in it, toss smaller containers of fresh spring flowers spreading in various directions.

This huge fairy centerpiece brightens up the space and becomes a central spring ornament.

Add colorful porcelain plates and a fresh tablecloth.

You can also add some colored glasses for the finishing touch on your fabulous spring tablescape.

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