15 Charming Tricolor Houseplants You Can Grow At Home

Tricolor houseplants are one of the best ways to add color to the greenery of houseplants.

The exquisite shapes of their leaves make them unique and create an accent in any room.

Their colors range from white through pink to blue to purple.

15 Charming Tricolor Houseplants You Can Grow At Home #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

Some of them can be grown even in the garden or on the terrace.

If you have decided to bring home flowering leaves, we have prepared selected rare tricolor houseplants with which to break the pattern for decoration.

Bolero Tricolor

Bolero Tricolor #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Botanical Bear

Moderate Soil and Exposure – Full Sun, Partial Shade. Bloom Time – January – February.

Bolero Tricolor is a plant that will shake up the colorful landscape of your outdoor garden or indoor garden.

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It can be successfully grown both outdoors in the garden and in a flower pot indoors.

Its broad leaves are colored in the iridescent colors of the rainbow.

Its height reaches 8 feet, requires moderate soil.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Perennial Resource

This tricolor houseplant originates from New Guinea and Southeast Asia. Reaching a height of up to 7 feet, requires partial sun to shade and can be raised in a pot.

Needs excellent drainage in pots.

There are different variants of this plant, some of which have green-yellow leaves, but you can also find it with dark red leaves with bright red edges.

Chinese Evergreen Tricolor

Chinese Evergreen Tricolor #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Plant Nurse Jesa

Typical for this plant is its camouflage pattern, which is usually only in green shades, but there are variants with a little bit of pink.

Chinese Evergreen Tricolor is one of the most gaudy plant of tricolor houseplants.

It originates from New Guinea and is grown mainly in indoor pots because it tolerates low light well.

Cleopatra Snake Plant

Cleopatra Snake Plant #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Plant Daddy Podcast

Sansevieria ‘Cleopatra’ is a slow-growing hybrid plant native to Africa, South Asia and Madagascar.

Its beauty lies in the arrangement of its leaves in a rosette. It grows as a houseplant and requires a cooler climate.

It should be planted in a well-drained pot and not watered too much so that its roots don’t rot.

Corona Tricolor Plant

Corona Tricolor Plant #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via ZZ Botanical and Home

A truly beautiful tricolor houseplant with broad leaves gathering in the center.

The new leaves are curled, showing their reverse side in a gorgeous purple-red color.

It does not require direct sunlight, which makes it suitable for indoor cultivation in your home.

Flapjack Plant

Flapjack Plant #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via About Succulents

Flapjack is a succulent plant that can be seen from its fleshy leaves, resembling mussels and growing in bunches.

It is easy to grow because it does not require frequent watering and almost no maintenance.

Just provide it with strong sunlight by the window.

Gingerland Plant

Gingerland Plant #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Plants By Bing

The leaves of the Gingerland Plant are characterized by dark green edges and light green core with pink and red spots.

The plant requires a little direct sunlight daily, so you can safely place it on the window or in a slightly lit corner of the room.

Laurens Rainbow Croton

Laurens Rainbow Croton #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Sucs For You

Characteristic of this plant are its long narrow leaves. It loves strong sunlight, so place it in your brightest room.

The trunks of the plant change from green to orange and red.


Moonburst #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Succulents By Fay

Moonburst is one of the most beautiful of tricolor houseplants.

Moonburst is used for a group of succulents. In the process the Moonburst plant has dark green leaves with pink handles and a sharp finish.

Its pink shades increase with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The leaves grow in the shape of a rosette.

You can combine it with other green plants and place it on the windowsill.

Nidularium Houseplant

Nidularium Houseplant #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Dave’s Garden

Nidularium cannot be mistaken for other plants because of its bright red decoration at the beginning of its other thin green leaves.

It grows perfectly in the bathroom, as it loves a lot of moisture, but also requires strong indirect sunlight.

It usually grows from 2 to 5 years.

Rainbow Peperomia

Rainbow Peperomia #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Dipuri Plants

Botanical name: Peperomia clusiifolia ‘Rainbow’

The plant has minimal leaf size, which makes it the ideal choice for narrow spaces.

Characteristic of its leaves are the green core and white edges, on which can appear pink-red outlines.

Red Prayer Plant

Red Prayer Plant #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Etsy

Maranta leuconeura ‘Erythroneura’ is an evergreen plant with dark green broad leaves.

The amazing thing about it are the pink-red veins that spring along the leaves.

Requires moderate use, which makes it easy to grow in pots.

Rosebud Houseplant

Rosebud Houseplant #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Amulya Nursery

Rosebud is a plant whose leaves are heart-shaped.

The dark green color is decorated with bright red veins with a white outline, which gives the plant additional beauty.

Loves humid rooms and enough heat. Its leaves have a toxic effect when ingested, so it is not recommended to grow it in homes with young children and pets.

Tricolor Stonecrop

Tricolor Stonecrop #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Rareroots

Tricolor Stonecrop is a plant with miniature leaves colored in green with a pink and white edge.

Loves light, so place it near the window.

It should be planted in a wide pot, which it will quickly fill, but will remain low with a height of 6 inches.

Tricolor Stromanthe

Tricolor Stromanthe #houseplants #tricolor #decorhomeoriginal

via Stunning Plants

Tricolor Stromanthe is a tropical plant that loves a lot of light and heat. Its leaves are broad, but grow mostly up in height.

Planting should be done in a well-drained pot.

Its leaves go from green and purple to pink and white in creamy shades that will refresh any space.

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