17 Smart Ways To Use Banana Peels In The Garden

Using banana peels in your garden will enrich its soil, change its composition and help plants and herbs grow healthy, strong, and pest-free.

17 Smart Ways To Use Banana Peels In The Garden #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

The nutrients contained in them are potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, manganese, sulfur.

All these chemical elements, obtained in a natural way, will strengthen the soil from which the plants get the substances they need.

There are many ways to use banana peels in your garden.

They can be added to compost, sprinkled as mulch, made into compost banana tea and more.

To get perfect results, use all these amazing ways to use banana peels in your garden.

Plant the Whole Banana Peels in the Garden

Plant the Whole Banana Peels in the Garden #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to use banana peels in your garden is to plant the entire banana peel in the garden.

Dig a hole, put the peel, and cover it with a little soil.

Plant the seeds you have chosen near the banana peel or even on top of it.

When the banana peel slowly starts decomposing, it will give a lot of strength to baby plants at just the right moment when they are building their roots.

Use Banana Peels to Amend Potting Soil

Use Banana Peels to Amend Potting Soil #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

When you don’t have organic compost to nourish the soil in your pots, adding banana peels directly to the potting soil is a good way to nourish it.

Place the banana peels on the bottom of the pot and cover them with soil.

This organic residue will add a high potassium content to the plants.

It is especially appropriate to put banana peels in your garden if you usually fertilize only with chemical fertilizers and artificial additives.

Repel Aphids

Repel Aphids #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

Aphids are a scourge for every gardener.

Fighting them is usually time-consuming and labor intensive.

There are many artificial remedies for aphids, but banana peels are a great alternative to chemicals.

To protect your plants from aphids, place banana peels at the base of the plant around its stems.

Loosen the soil so that it facilitates the entry of decomposed crusts and their content into the deeper layers of the soil.

Use Banana Peels in the Garden As a Spray-On Fertilizer

Use Banana Peels in the Garden As a Spray On Fertilizer #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

You can use the peels by grinding them and adding them to the water you water the plants with.

The potassium contained in the peel will enhance the growth of plants and give them a strong and healthy appearance.

To create this plant fertilizer you need 4 banana peels, 3 eggshells, 1 tablespoon of English salt, and water.

Grind the hard pieces and dissolve in the water.

Put it all in a spray bottle and spray your plants.

Brew a Compost Tea with Banana Peels

Brew a Compost Tea with Banana Peels #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

Make compost tea from banana peels. Fertilize your plants with it.

To prepare it, soak banana peels overnight. To this mixture, you can add dried tea leaves and coffee grounds.

This type of fertilization will satisfy the plants’ need for potassium and nitrogen. In addition, this type of fertilization is organic, not chemical, and this will completely improve the properties of the soil.

Boost the Flowering of Plants

Boost the Flowering of Plants #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

The rich content of potassium in bananas and banana peels is essential for the flowering of all plants.

To get a flowering garden, you need to regularly add potassium to the soil of plants.

An easy way to achieve this is to add banana peels to the soil.

Cut the banana peel into small pieces and sprinkle around the stems of the plants.

The sliced-up peels will retain moisture around them equally and with their decomposition will bring the required amounts of potassium into the upper soil layer.

From there, the plant will gain extra strength for larger and healthier flowers.

Make a Banana Vinegar

Make a Banana Vinegar #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

Banana vinegar is a great solution for the organic fertilization of your plants.

Adding banana peels to your garden can be just that. Wait for the banana peels to become brown and simmer them.

The recipe for making banana vinegar is two tablespoons of banana peel dipped in four glasses of water.

Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, from where you will bring the acidity of the solution.

Leave the mixture overnight in a dark place.

Then use to nourish the soil by watering the plants with this mixture. You can also strain the contents of the bottles and use a sprayer to spray the plants.

Create a Fruit Fly Trap with Banana Peels

Create a Fruit Fly Trap with Banana Peels #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

With banana peels, you can create the perfect trap for fruit flies.

Instead of using chemicals and toxic products, use banana peels.

Cut a peel up into small pieces and put it in a jar or bottle. Add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and close the cap.

Drill a few small holes in the cap so that the flies can enter the trap.

The smell of banana peel and apple cider vinegar will attract them.

Entering the trap, the flies will drown in the liquid, and you will be saved from these so unpleasant and annoying pests.

You can place such traps both inside the house and on the balcony, in the garden, or on the porch.

Add Banana Peels to Compost

Add Banana Peels to Compost #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

When it comes to nourishing the soil for your plants, it’s a great idea to make your own compost bin.

In it, you can collect all the organic remains of food, shells, twigs, and more.

When these residues decompose, the compost is added to the soil and this enriches it with minerals.

Adding banana peels to the compost will speed up the process of decomposition of organic residues.

The high content of potassium in banana peels will further enrich your compost and, consequently, the soil for your plants.

Attract Butterflies and Birds with Banana Peels

Attract Butterflies and Birds with Banana Peels #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

There are many ways to attract birds and butterflies to your yard, but one of them is by placing banana peels in your garden.

These organic residues are delicious food for many kites.

They contain high levels of potassium and fiber, which attract beautiful and good-natured animals.

You can build special feeders in which to put the peels or you can just scatter them around the stems of your plants.

In both cases, butterflies and birds will be particularly pleased with the free food.

Increase the Flowering of Roses with Fertilizers as Banana Peels

Increase the Flowering of Roses as Fertilizers with Banana Peels #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

Roses are one of the most beautiful and preferred flowers for any garden.

Increasing the flowering of roses is achieved through special preparations and fertilizers, but a harmless and easy way is through banana peels.

It is the potassium contained in them that increases the growth and flowering of these plants.

Place ground banana peels in the topsoil around the roses, water them with the banana peel spray we mentioned earlier and expect a lush rose garden in your yard.

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Use Banana Peels For Air Plants

Use Banana Peels For Air Plants #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

For aerial plants, banana peels are a wonderful addition to their base.

Add banana peel to their base as they have no roots.

Cover this base with moss or mulch and place the plant on top.

The nutrients from the banana peels will provide additional nutrients for the aerial plant for a while.

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Bolster Seedlings

Bolster Seedlings #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

Young plants need a lot of nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

One of them is their need for potassium. It can be obtained from banana peels.

To nourish seedlings, add a piece of banana peel to the bottom of the container or to the topsoil of young seedlings.

Then spray with banana water and fertilize with banana tea.

This will provide strength for the seedlings and they will sprout quickly.

When you move them to their permanent beds, repeat the same by adding banana peels to the soil and pouring banana tea over them again.

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Fertilize Tomato Plants

Fertilize Tomato Plants #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

Tomato seedlings are in dire need of potassium to raise their stems and withstand the heavy fruit they will grow.

To grow organic tomatoes and enjoy a healthy taste, do not apply chemicals to nourish your seedlings.

Use banana peels, which have to be shredded to be placed around the stems of seedlings.

Cover them with a little soil and pour banana compost tea.

This will strengthen the fragile stems of young plants and ensure the strength of their growth.

In addition, your seedlings will be protected from fungi and pests such as aphids.

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Fertilize Air Plants

Fertilize Air Plants #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

Aerial plants do not need soil and do not form roots.

They feed on the air around them. To fertilize your aerial plants, you need to spray them.

This can happen in an environmentally friendly way, using banana water or composting banana tea.

Beat the banana peels with a mixer until lightly browned and dissolve in water.

Spray your aerial plants regularly with this solution to provide them with the necessary food.

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Fortify Your Soil

Fortify Your Soil #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

Change the composition of the soil and strengthen it by placing enough banana peels in it.

Loosen the top layer and place pieces of crust. Then bury them with soil.

Decomposition of the peel will bring nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to it.

This will improve the growth of the plants you will plant in this place.

You can add more banana peels to your garden by applying mulch peels once a month over the soil surface.

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Put In Your Garden Bed

Put In Your Garden Bed #garden #hacks #bananapeels #decorhomeoriginal

The preparation of the garden bed includes many activities such as loosening, feeding, aeration, and others.

One of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to nourish is to use banana peels in your garden.

Whether you add them to your home compost, whether you make compost tea from banana peels, whether you sprinkle them as mulch on the soil is a matter of choice for every gardener.

The best thing in this case is to use banana peels in all possible ways to be added to your garden.

The nutrients that plants will receive from them will contribute to healthy, strong, and colorful growth.

Banana peels will change the composition of the soil and prepare it for planting new plants in it.

The peel supports the actions of beneficial worms in the soil, which will more easily and naturally aerate it, which leads to the introduction of more oxygen to the roots of plants.

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